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What’s Up?

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted. I sincerely apologize. Both John and I assumed —incorrectly —that we would have plenty of time due to the pandemic. How wrong we were.

Early on, my mom, John and I decided we wanted to grow produce to share with the neighbors. Well, I am sorry to say that none of us have a green thumb. All of our plants produced one edible tomato that actually looked like a tomato and three skinny zucchini. Our herbs did really well. I believe we dried three batches of rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and mint. So becoming Farmer Joy, John, and Mom was an epic fail. We did manage to gather bushels of produce so our pantry is full of home-canned products. Yummy!

Then I was encouraged by my granddaughter to try my hand at art. I bought some watercolors, brushes, and paper and got busy. Oh my! I am NOT a painter. I am also not a quitter. I ended up filling two folios with “art”.

After this, as a family both in North and South America, we went on virtual museum tours. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this has been. I caught the bug. Almost every day I tour somewhere via YouTube. Right now I’m loving the beauty and simplicity of Azerbaijan. Who knows, maybe some day after COVID is over, we can travel again.

Lately, I’ve been writing. This new story, of which I am almost at 35,000 words, is no simple Christie Capps story. It will be a full-blown J Dawn King tale. I send Nicole Clarkston each chapter. Here is her comment for chapter 12 from earlier today: “Wow!!! Woman, this story has me by the throat. I need more!!!” I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this is to hear. Talk about motivational.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the idea because it’s truly unique to JAFF and I’ve had my ideas stolen. Piracy is rife in publishing and JAFF has not been immune. I will say that John, who is also reading this as a work-in-progress keeps pushing me to get more pages done. I am now spending almost every available minute at my computer.

One thing that has been a true blessing is that I’ve stepped away from spending so much time on social media. I am still there but not so much. I tell you, the things that some people post. Whew! Who needs all of that bad news? Not me. At least, I don’t need a steady diet of it. Because of this, I’m reading and re-reading some high quality books. One such, that melted my heart and brought me to tears is Nicole’s latest book, writing as Alix James. Oh my goodness! It is my 2021 favorite so far. She should have it published soon.

A special hello to Sheila M. and a thank you for the reminder to provide an update. John sends his love and greetings from our home to yours.

Please take care and stay safe.

All my best to all of you,


Release Day for Mischief & Mayhem

Little Tommy Bennet is ready to make his presence known. The eBook showed up on Amazon yesterday but I got an email claiming someone else held the copyright. What? It took a little effort to finally convince Amazon’s publishing group that I was the author. In the end, they finally figured out that I am both J Dawn King and Christie Capps. Goodness! After eleven books with my Christie Capps pen name and they still can’t figure it out? Oh well! I guess I needed the excitement.

If you would like to see how the little fella is doing, here is the link: Mischief & Mayhem

A Sneak Peek – Mischief & Mayhem

It’s 90 degrees in my part of Oregon today. Is it hot in your part of the world? I thought I’d share something to warm your heart from the inside out. Here is the cover to my latest Christie Capps novella. It left for editing on Thursday. Because of the holiday weekend it will take longer to get it back than I had hoped but I understand a family having important plans. My goal is to have it available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited by July 15th.

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