you Yes, Mr. Darcy! Cover SMALL AVATAR (1)

It’s the first day of summer and I feel like celebrating. So grab your Kindle and head to the beach, the park, or the mall to spend an hour or so reading a sweet Darcy and Elizabeth romance.

If you already have this book, you can refer these gift codes to a friend.

I’m not sure if these will work outside the US. I hope so.

BTW, one reader received an error message. Here is what she posted:

“When I attempted to claim it, I immediately got an error message, saying that it didn’t work. Just in case, I checked my Kindle account, and there it was! I wanted to let anyone else know in case they encounter this same situation.”

Here’s the codes. (They can only be used once. If you click on one and it’s been used

  1. Thank you for stopping by, but they have all been claimed.


A review on Amazon would be appreciated, by the way.