Cover Change for Love Letters to Mr. Darcy! Yay!!!

While I loved the original cover of Love Letters, not everyone saw my vision. So I went shopping at Richard Jenkins Photography in the UK and purchased the licensing for another image. I LOVE it! You want to see?love-letters-from-mr-darcy-cover-medium-web

It should be live by tonight for eBook and the weekend for print. Audio will take a few weeks. Lovely, isn’t she?

15 thoughts on “Cover Change for Love Letters to Mr. Darcy! Yay!!!”

  1. Wow, beautiful! Love this one….she looks enticing…alluring! And one wonders what is behind those eyes? What is she thinking?

  2. Hi Joy, The new cover is great!!  I love all your books to read!! When will it be available ? I want to change it on my Pinterest account, & on Amazon it shows previous cover. Thanks, Doni

    1. Thanks, Anji. One UK reviewer called my original cover “creepy”. That about broke my heart. However, while it looks wonderful in a 6″x 9″ print cover, it fails as a small avatar. It definitely needed replaced. I think this model is 100% Elizabeth Bennet. And, I want to look like her. Sigh!!!

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