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One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories, the anthology I published in June 2015, is FREE until March 22nd. Why? To celebrate three years of publishing on Amazon, of course. Can you believe it? Three Years.

A Father’s Sins, my first published book, will forever have a soft spot in my heart. However, I changed as an author since my debut story. Before writing and releasing One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories, I had an epiphany. People’s lives, as a rule, are like being on a steep rollercoaster ride. They are challenging with many ups and downs. Whether it’s family problems, health, or economic, we all need happy news, don’t we? Thus, the three stories grew from a need to feel good.

Therefore, if you want to read two short stories and one long story that makes you smile, this book is for you. To make you even happier, you can download it for free on all Amazon markets from March 18 – 22, 2017. Here are the links:

Amazon – US

Amazon – UK

Amazon – Canada

Amazon – Australia

Amazon – Germany

Amazon – China

Amazon – France

Amazon – Italy

Amazon – Spain

Amazon – the Netherlands

Amazon – Japan

Amazon – India

Amazon – Brazil

Amazon – Mexico

Happy shopping!



  1. I love this new cover! Beautiful! I like your epiphany! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Janet. That means a lot coming from a creative artist like you. This was one of the photos taken during the photo shoot we did last year. It was much easier to arrange the costuming and the model than the variable English weather. Yay for sunshine!

  2. Love the cover. I walk thur an English countryside. Beautiful.

  3. Carole in Canada

    March 19, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Yes, a gorgeous cover and wonderful stories! Your first book will always be a favourite of mine!

  4. Oh Joy, this makes me happy, as this is my very favorite book. I loved ‘ The Library’, and I played it over again, as I drove up the Oregon Coast. They just seemed to match up. Then, I listened to Ramsgate as I drove over Highway 42 (where John King drives), to be connected to home.
    Your words are stellar, and I cannot thank you enough for being the writer that you are…But, more importantly…you are a sister that I will always cherish!!! I love you so much!!!

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