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Richard Armitage!!! (Faints/Swoons)


As you can see from my copy of Elizabeth’s Gaskell’s North & South, I am a fan of Richard Armitage. Why? He’s an excellent actor, he’s tall and handsome, and he has one of the best male reading voices I’ve ever heard.

As my newsletter subscribers know, I contacted him about narrating my next release, Friends and Enemies. Since the story is from Darcy’s point-of-view, I wanted a male narrator/producer.

Here is an update.

I received an email from his representatives on April 3rd. In my reply, I told them I would have the finished first draft to them on Monday, April  17th.

This is why I’ve been practically invisible on social media. I’m typing like a crazed person trying to get this story done. On Monday of this week, I went back to chapter one and did a word-by-word clean-up. Now, I’m pressing on to the end. I have approximately 8,000 words to go—I hope.

Click below for a video interview which should give you a hint why I’m desperately hoping he agrees to my project.

I will keep you apprised of the process. Of course, if he agrees, you will undoubtedly hear my screams right before I faint.

Would you like to hear Mr. Armitage read Fitzwilliam Darcy? Boy, I would.



  1. OMG Joy!! That would be so perfect!!! I can’t even believe it!
    Fingers crossed! I want Armitage portraying darcy on audio 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Mr. Armitage would make the perfect Darcy. I hope it works out!

  3. Would I ever!!!!!! That would be so awesome. I hope it works out and ge does it. Can’t wait to hear.

  4. Sheila L. Majczan

    April 13, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    Oh, Joy, Oh, Joy…how absolutely delicious! I don’t listen to audio much but if he does read this for you I will definitely be buying the audio copy. Hope and pray it works out for you. Wishing you the best of luck, my dear friend.

  5. Oh my goodness! That would be a dream come true! I have to hand it to you Joy, you are a lady that makes things happen.

    • I agree, Ceri. It would be a dream come true. There is a lot that needs to take place before it happens but at least we are trying. He can’t say “yes” if I don’t ask.

  6. I think I’m joining the OMG club here!!!

    Although I’d listen to him read the phone book, to hear Mr. Armitage reading one of your books would be, to quote another 21st century phrase which I absolutely hate, “totes amazeballs”!

    Fingers, and everything else, crossed for a “Yes”.

    • I can’t believe you said “totes amazeballs”, Anji. Ha Ha! I made me laugh when I read it and I was at the gym with my headphones on so nobody knew what the crazy old woman was laughing about.

      Trust me, I’d listen to him read the phone book as well. I will certainly let you know if I hear.

  7. Oh, that would be absolutely amazing, fantastic…I could go on and on! I’m keeping my figures crossed for you.

  8. Dear Dawn

    He sounds wonderful, I am not a great watcher of TV, and do not often watch great literature reduced to a TV series.

    My mothers maiden name was Barton, and as Grandmas favourite author after Dickens was Mrs Gaskell of course mum was christened Mary in honour of Mrs Gaskell novel Mary Barton.

    Do keep the good old JAFF books coming, but hopefully not too much angst. I think Miss Austen had it just right, any more and it just becomes a boring old read as we all know it has to come out OK in the end, so why not a bit of jollity along the way.

    I also enjoy your daughters book.

    Lois Stacey

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    • Lois, thank you very much for your delightful post sharing your family history. I’ve read almost all of Ms. Gaskell’s works including Mary Barton.

      I’ll see what I can do about keeping my angst under control. Darcy is really having a time of it in this story, but things are shaping up for a lovely ending. I just need to finish writing it.

  9. Carole in Canada

    April 15, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Oh yes, if you don’t ask you wont know! Like Sheila, I haven’t listened to any audio books…but this would be a first if he did say yes! He would make me a convert! Congratulations on at least getting this in front of him! Have a wonderful weekend working away on this! Just remember to breathe!

  10. That is every author’s dream! You go-girl! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sure hope he says YES!

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