Back-to-School Sale? Nope!

My local newspaper is filled with advertisements advertising school supplies for students heading back to school. While I had no interest in purchasing pencils, folders, or glue, I LOVE the idea of a discount.

Therefore, I decided to discount ALL of my J Dawn King books until August 31st. Happy shopping!

Here’s an easy link: J Dawn King

3 thoughts on “Back-to-School Sale? Nope!”

  1. What a happy surprise! I think I am missing your last two Christie Capps books! Thank you for that! We bring back our 2 grandchildren tomorrow…5.5 hour road trip…I can hear it now…’Are we there yet?’!!! How has your visit been going with Jennifer and your grandchildren? Enjoy!!

    1. Carole, we are having a ball. Like you, our visit started with a road trip – 9 hours from San Francisco to home with a long stop in the middle. Jennifer and I are talking books and planning writing strategy. I LOVE sharing this with her. John suggested we offer to keep the twins with us in the US so she can return to Ecuador and write full-time. I haven’t yet mentioned it to her but we already know the answer – NEVER!!!

  2. Your generosity shows through again. I have all your books but need to get going on the last one. I did begin it but have been wading through e-mails piled up while I was hospitalized.

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