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I’m Posting on FanFiction Again

Since I stopped posting my works-in-progress on fanfiction (dot) net I have had many readers ask why and when I will do so again. A particularly impassioned plea came from a reader last week that I simply could not resist. Therefore, I am posting chapters on their site. They will only stay for one week after I finish the book. Then, I will remove the story to publish on Amazon.

Here is the link: A Baby for Mr. Darcy


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Having seen read the snippet you posted on previously said, I can’t wait to read the book

  2. I’ve been there and commented on each chapter. Love it and love seeing you there. I hope the trolls stay in their slimy holes and keep mouths shut. Dang!! They ruin it for the rest of us. I know other authors who left fanfiction for that reason and theft of their work. Again… DANG!!! Hope this opens up a whole new fan base for you. Congratulations… I’m following you, by the way.

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