Almost 2024! WOW!!!

Where did the time go? It seemed that January 1, 2023 was only yesterday. However, there is less than a week before the calendar forever turns to another year. I hope that 2023 has been good to you.

I decided to finish off the year with a few reasons for joy.

  1. My YouTube channel has well over 1,000 subscribers. If you haven’t checked out my channel yet, you are missing out because at the bottom there are links to other JAFF authors who are making their audiobooks available for free. Here is my link: Joy’s YouTube channel
  2. During 2023, I had both a BookBub International Featured Deal and a Chirp Featured Deal. Both of these really increased my exposure. The Chirp deal for my J. Dawn King story “Compromised!” was amazing!
  3. I am about halfway through writing the first draft of my latest story entitled “Windswept”. I love this story. Mr. Darcy is so tender and Elizabeth is compassionate. Of course, they have their flaws, but when the wind blows the two of them become stronger than a force of nature.
  4. Finally, I reduced the prices of four of my books to #FREE for the next three days. If you don’t already have them in your library, please grab them while you can. (There is a chance that they are not available in all markets.) Here are the links:

Mistaken Identity: Amazon

The Long Journey Home: Amazon

The Matchmaker: Amazon

A Reason to Hope: Amazon

I hope and wish that all of you have a wonderful 2024 and beyond. Please take care and stay safe.


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