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WINNERS!!! Audiobook Giveaway

Congratulations to the five  who were randomly selected. However, all of you who commented also win (please see below).

The winners of an Amazon gift card (so they can purchase the audiobook of their choice) are:


Tasha Barefield


Judy Pociask


Audible sent me 15 free codes to two of my audiobooks. To all the others who commented, I have sent you an email with the details to claim your audio copy of either “Friends and Enemies” or “Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride”. Please chose only one so there are enough to go around.

Thank you to all who took the time to comment. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you.

Oh My! Milestone ALERT!!!

I have been tracking my audiobook sales hoping to catch that magical moment when they reached 5,000. I missed. This screenshot was the closest I could get.

The production of an audiobook takes a lot of time and money so having listeners choose them from the multitude of titles available is wonderful. To show my gratitude, I will select names from any who comment on this post to win an audiobook (it does NOT need to be one of mine) of their choice. Please share in your comment why and/or when you listen to a book.

Thank you so much. This is AMAZING!!! By the way, I will be drawing five winners on Saturday, October 13th. Winners will be notified by email.  

Now Available! The Letter of the Law

About 30 seconds ago I received notification that The Letter of the Law is available in ALL the Amazon stores. However, when I did a search I could not find it. Goodness! How frustrating is that? I am tickled pink that after so many starts and stops, it’s done. I had to make a quick FaceTime call to my son-in-law for some assistance in formatting the print book. He’s a sweetheart. I ordered the print cover so it should be out in a week or so.

While on the phone I found out my granddaughter baked a cake. She was adding sprinkles to the frosting (lots of sprinkles). We celebrate each new book release with a cake in our house. Apparently, they are celebrating my release too in Ecuador. I didn’t bake. I bought a Boston Creme Pie, which is actually not a pie but a cake. Yummy!!!

Here are a few links for Letter of the Law:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Germany: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon France: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Italy: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Spain: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Netherlands: https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Brazil: https://www.amazon.com.br/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon Mexico: https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Amazon India: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07GXXXHD2

Happy Shopping! Happy Reading!


Update: Letter of the Law & Other Stuff

Time has passed quickly since my last post. I hope you have enjoyed your summer and been able to stay out of the smoke and/or floods. The fires have been nasty. (We have now covered the weather. Should we discuss the roads?)

My Mom has kept both John and me hopping. We had a lovely visit from our daughter Jennifer and her family. While they were here, Mom decided she wanted the whole house refreshed with new paint and flooring. I have to tell you that the rooms look really, really good. I’m so proud of her. She’s lost a ton of weight and she looks good. Although her body is weak, she has a will of iron. I want to be like her when I grow up! We were able to have four-generation photographs taken. They are a treasure.

I am happy to share that I’m finishing the final chapter in my major rewrite of “Letter of the Law”. Oh my, but I do like this so, so, so much better. Apparently, I’m in the mood for adventure because the last chapters are filled with smugglers, ships, dueling pistols, and kidnapping.

What? Whatever are you up to, Joy King? Have you lost your marbles? Not entirely. In all honesty, life’s circumstances had robbed me of a bit of my joy. Now that things have leveled off in our personal life, I was able to recall why I like writing so much. Thus, why not make it fun? I simply could not resist. Darcy is quite the hero. Elizabeth Bennet is a hoot. Wickham had to resort to drugs to keep wily Lizzy B. from escaping. (Maybe he should have taken the laudanum instead of giving it to her. Hmmm! That’s an idea!)

So, here’s the plan. John just left to get dinner so I can stay at my computer to finish this chapter. I’ll do a quick reread then it’s off for editing. I’m going to crack the whip to get this back as quickly as possible. My son-in-law installed an amazing program on my computer where I can format my own books to look professionally done. If I can’t figure it out I’ll send it off to Marie Force’s formatting fairies (yes, that’s what they call themselves). The cover is finished so I’m hoping to have this available on Amazon shortly. Then I will format the print book. The audiobook will be later in the year.

Whew! I’m worn out just typing this. Not really. It’s just my lungs trying to filter out the ashes so I can get some oxygen particles to my brain. Anyway, I’m off to type. Have a joyful rest of your week.


Latest News from Joy

We received another blow today concerning my Mom’s health. Therefore, please excuse my absence from social media. I will still pull this story from this site on Sunday or Monday and will try to get it out. I just don’t have the heart for it right now. Thank you for your understanding.


Letter of the Law – Epilogue

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing. 

Letter of the Law – Chapter 22

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing. 

Letter of the Law – Chapter 21

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing. 


Letter of the Law – Chapter 20

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing. 


Letter of the Law – Chapter 19

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing.

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