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I’m Posting on FanFiction Again

Since I stopped posting my works-in-progress on fanfiction (dot) net I have had many readers ask why and when I will do so again. A particularly impassioned plea came from a reader last week that I simply could not resist. Therefore, I am posting chapters on their site. They will only stay for one week after I finish the book. Then, I will remove the story to publish on Amazon.

Here is the link: A Baby for Mr. Darcy

My First Countdown Deal

Thank you very much for your responses. The deals are scheduled as follows: (they are only for the US and UK Amazon stores – none others are available. If you do not purchase from those two stores please email me at and we will see what we can work out.)

J Dawn King countdown deals
Christie Capps countdown deal – please note the different dates for One Bride & Two Grooms – Amazon made me do it

Something New!

Hello! Since I started publishing I have taken advantage of offers from Amazon to make some of my books available for free download. In the past two years the seven books I’ve discounted have been downloaded 135,247 times. For some reason giving away all of those copies tickles me.

One thing I have not done that Amazon offers is a countdown deal. I thought that since it’s back to school time, perhaps I should take advantage. I am not sure how many I can do at one time, but I’d like to offer three Christie Capps and three J Dawn King books starting August 31st (isn’t that a holiday weekend in the US?). Do you have a preference? If so, please leave a comment below.

These are some of the choices available.

Here are a few more titles I couldn’t fit in the picture.
You could choose this one, or…
Perhaps this one? Or…
Have you read this one yet? Please, let me know.

At Home in Ecuador

The past several months have seen some drastic changes in the King household. We sold our house, our vehicles, and put our stuff in storage and headed to Ecuador to live next to our daughter Jennifer and her family. Pretty drastic, huh?

My desk is now set up and (as of yesterday) we have Internet that works. Therefore, I am writing again. However, I am taking my time with this story. You might be able to imagine the hours I’m chewing on the little details as Darcy and Elizabeth plot their course. The secondary arc to this story involves the ever-wonderful Colonel Fitzwilliam. Sigh!

Help Name the Baby, please!

Again, I have stopped working on my Bingley/Jane sequel to A Father’s Sins. I haven’t given up completely but…it’s going to have to wait. Why? Because I’m writing like crazy on the story I intended for later this year, “A Baby for Darcy”. Here’s the blurb:

Fitzwilliam Darcy is on the run…with a baby!

When an emergency summons Mr. Darcy back to London during the Netherfield ball, he discovers a newborn in his study along with a note. Now, he must guard a secret that could shatter his family and put the child in danger. But that isn’t his biggest challenge.

He must now find a wife—a woman he can trust with his charge and with his heart.

Elizabeth Bennet’s prospects for a marriage based on love are taken away from her when her father makes a deal with Mr. Darcy, a man she despises. When she learns the identity of the baby and the true identity of the man she married, will their marriage of convenience develop into a love for the ages?

Together they face slander, intrigue, family pressure, and murder. Will their marriage survive? Will the baby thrive? Or, will forces much larger than themselves destroy everything Darcy and Elizabeth hope for?

from “A Baby for Darcy”

I can see how the story will unfold in my mind, and I can see the baby. However, what I don’t see clearly is a name for the infant boy. Would you help me, please? What would you name a baby who is NOT Darcy’s son but will be raised as a Darcy? (No, he’s NOT Georgiana’s either)

Oops! An Audible Error for the UK

I received an apology email from Audible about the UK codes I shared for a free copy of my audiobook, Friends and Enemies. This should explain why there were so many difficulties. I will reapply for new codes and post them here. Please accept my sincerest apologies along with that of Audible/ACX. Here is what their email said:

Dear Joy D King,
We are contacting you today regarding Promo Codes you may have generated for use on We recently found an issue that affected the redemption of these
codes in the Audible UK store. We have fixed this issue, but unfortunately, we have
been forced to invalidate any codes issued for the UK store before 5/14/2019. We
sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

The ACX Team

#FREE Audiobook: Friends and Enemies

As a lovely surprise, Audible is putting out a new beta reporting program for their division of Amazon and I am included in the beta testing. To encourage participation, at least I think this is the reason, they have given me free codes to distribute to USA and UK listeners for my J Dawn King book, Friends and Enemies. If you would like to download a free copy, please go to the link that applies to your Amazon marketplace at: ACX Promo Codes can only be redeemed at and

Here are the codes. They are first come, first served.

Promo CodeStatusMarketplace
Promo CodeStatusMarketplace

Enjoy! (by the way, the picture below was copied from an ad on when I looked up a story I’d read in the past. I think Big Brother is watching what I do on the Internet. Creepy!)

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary!

John and I didn’t have the most romantic beginning. When he suggested marriage he said, “I kind of really like you. But I don’t want a big wedding.” That was it!

We pulled a Lydia/Wickham by eloping to Lake Tahoe, Nevada where we actually did marry in a six minute ceremony (including pictures). The deed was done.

Six months later, I was three months pregnant with our Jennifer when he decided to set sail into the vast Pacific Ocean. John spent 21 years as the Captain or Chief Engineer of ocean-going vessels. Despite hating him being gone for months at a time, when he was home we played. The three of us enjoyed traveling the world, attending sporting events and concerts, and living life to the full. Often, we drug my nieces, nephews, and Mom along.

My John, he’s the best of men, both hard-working and handsome. Mostly, and you can verify this with our daughter, he’s kind.

Our 39th anniversary will be April 25th. However, before you think this might be our most important date of the year, you need to know that we found out 2 1/2 years later that we weren’t legally married. Someone forgot to sign the license as a witness. Thus, on November 25, 1983, we were remarried at the Coos County Courthouse Annex by a judge (very legal this time!) Do we celebrate both days? Oh, yeah!

Do I miss having a big splashy wedding? Not at all. Neither does John. And, fortunately, he still kind of likes me.

To celebrate, I’m releasing the last four Christie Capps stories in a boxed set. Also, I’m making my most romantic story ever, “A Forever Kind of Love”, which is actually very John and I in Darcy/Lizzy Regency context, free from April 25-28th. I sure hope you pick up a copy.

Was your husband romantic when he proposed? Did you have the wedding of your dreams? I sure do hope so.

A Forever Kind of Love – by Christie Capps
Pre-Order Today!

Catching Up!

It’s funny how spring inspires growth in potential as well as daffodils and daisies. It’s especially wonderful when this happens under adversity.

My general health has been stinky. It happens! Instead of laying in bed thinking of all I can’t do, I’ve been laying there planning like crazy for all the things I CAN do. After all, I would never want to become a Mrs. Bennet, fretting over my nerves and needing salts. Ugh! Not in my house.

Instead, I plan to be a busy Oregon beaver for 2019. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. My latest Christie Capps went live on April 7th.
  2. I formatted the four latest Christie Capps novellas into my 2nd boxed set which will be available on April 25th (our 39th wedding anniversary).
  3. I am moving right along on “Finding Their Way” the sequel to “A Father’s Sins” that I’ve struggled with for years. Then I plan to follow up with the Colonel’s story. (That’s my plan and I hope I’m going to stick to it.)
  4. Last month, a premise for a new J Dawn King story hit me like a ton of bricks. I chewed on it and chewed on it. Simply, it would not let go of me. So I wrote everything down that I remembered, shopped for a cover with magnificent designer Jane Dixon-Smith, and have temporarily set it aside as I endeavor to exert fierce self-control so I don’t bail on Bingley again and write this story. That baby is so CUTE!!! (see below)
  5. I started back at the gym eight days ago. There’s a machine I call “The Beast” that I am determined to conquer. It’s sort of a sit-down elliptical piece of equipment that truly loathes me, I think. But the doctors promise exercise will be helpful so I’ve been each day except Sunday. I bought a FitBit yesterday to track my steps and heart rate which makes me quite in style. So far today I am at 3,709 steps. My goal is 5,000.

I hope your spring has sprung and you are enjoying life. Happy reading!

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