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Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary!

John and I didn’t have the most romantic beginning. When he suggested marriage he said, “I kind of really like you. But I don’t want a big wedding.” That was it!

We pulled a Lydia/Wickham by eloping to Lake Tahoe, Nevada where we actually did marry in a six minute ceremony (including pictures). The deed was done.

Six months later, I was three months pregnant with our Jennifer when he decided to set sail into the vast Pacific Ocean. John spent 21 years as the Captain or Chief Engineer of ocean-going vessels. Despite hating him being gone for months at a time, when he was home we played. The three of us enjoyed traveling the world, attending sporting events and concerts, and living life to the full. Often, we drug my nieces, nephews, and Mom along.

My John, he’s the best of men, both hard-working and handsome. Mostly, and you can verify this with our daughter, he’s kind.

Our 39th anniversary will be April 25th. However, before you think this might be our most important date of the year, you need to know that we found out 2 1/2 years later that we weren’t legally married. Someone forgot to sign the license as a witness. Thus, on November 25, 1983, we were remarried at the Coos County Courthouse Annex by a judge (very legal this time!) Do we celebrate both days? Oh, yeah!

Do I miss having a big splashy wedding? Not at all. Neither does John. And, fortunately, he still kind of likes me.

To celebrate, I’m releasing the last four Christie Capps stories in a boxed set. Also, I’m making my most romantic story ever, “A Forever Kind of Love”, which is actually very John and I in Darcy/Lizzy Regency context, free from April 25-28th. I sure hope you pick up a copy.

Was your husband romantic when he proposed? Did you have the wedding of your dreams? I sure do hope so.

A Forever Kind of Love – by Christie Capps
Pre-Order Today!

Catching Up!

It’s funny how spring inspires growth in potential as well as daffodils and daisies. It’s especially wonderful when this happens under adversity.

My general health has been stinky. It happens! Instead of laying in bed thinking of all I can’t do, I’ve been laying there planning like crazy for all the things I CAN do. After all, I would never want to become a Mrs. Bennet, fretting over my nerves and needing salts. Ugh! Not in my house.

Instead, I plan to be a busy Oregon beaver for 2019. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. My latest Christie Capps went live on April 7th.
  2. I formatted the four latest Christie Capps novellas into my 2nd boxed set which will be available on April 25th (our 39th wedding anniversary).
  3. I am moving right along on “Finding Their Way” the sequel to “A Father’s Sins” that I’ve struggled with for years. Then I plan to follow up with the Colonel’s story. (That’s my plan and I hope I’m going to stick to it.)
  4. Last month, a premise for a new J Dawn King story hit me like a ton of bricks. I chewed on it and chewed on it. Simply, it would not let go of me. So I wrote everything down that I remembered, shopped for a cover with magnificent designer Jane Dixon-Smith, and have temporarily set it aside as I endeavor to exert fierce self-control so I don’t bail on Bingley again and write this story. That baby is so CUTE!!! (see below)
  5. I started back at the gym eight days ago. There’s a machine I call “The Beast” that I am determined to conquer. It’s sort of a sit-down elliptical piece of equipment that truly loathes me, I think. But the doctors promise exercise will be helpful so I’ve been each day except Sunday. I bought a FitBit yesterday to track my steps and heart rate which makes me quite in style. So far today I am at 3,709 steps. My goal is 5,000.

I hope your spring has sprung and you are enjoying life. Happy reading!

New Release! His Frozen Heart

This morning my latest Christie Capps novella launched at all the Amazon stores. Since I still had it available here, I was not able to put it into Kindle Unlimited. However, now that I’ve removed the files, I will wait until everything clears and put the book into the program for those who are members. Here is the link:

Happy 5th Anniversary to me!

Today is a very special day. Five years ago I published my first book, A Father’s Sins. I still remember how nervous/scared/anxious I was. Would anyone bother reading it? Would they like it?

At the time, I couldn’t imagine writing anything other than the planned sequel, Finding Their Way. However, reality and an overactive imagination took over and I’ve written so much more. Whatever happened to Finding Their Way? I’ve written and finished it twice. I didn’t like either. Now, I am chipping away at it again out of shear determination. Let’s see how that works!

In celebration of today, I have discounted the eBook for A Father’s Sins for five days. It’s FREE in all Amazon markets. Yay!

Do I have anything else up my sleeve? Oh, yes! I’ll be posting my Work In Progress here – today. It’s a Christie Capps novella that is 3/4 finished so you won’t have long to wait until the end, which I will also post as soon as I finish.

Also, today is special for Jennifer. She published her first book four years ago today. Check out Jennifer Joy on Amazon for the deals and a new release that’s live as of this morning. It’s SO GOOD!!!

Henry is on the Loose!

I am so pleased to let you know I finally typed “The End” on my latest Christie Capps story. I hope you are as happy as I am. Here’s the blurb:

He likes her. She hates him. The puppy loves them both.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet get off to a rocky start. Can three-month-old Scottish sheepdog, Henry, herd two stubborn individuals together long enough to realize they are the perfect partners for a lifetime?

Join in the frustration and fun when Mr. Darcy is forced to retrieve his errant puppy daily as Henry scampers from Netherfield Park to Elizabeth’s home of Longbourn. Told from her point of view, when she repeatedly spies haughty Mr. Darcy humbly showing affection to the puppy, Elizabeth is forced to acknowledge first impressions might not always be accurate. Danger lurks, causing them to work together until Henry is safe. 

Is Mr. Darcy’s bark worse than his bite? Will Elizabeth remain as stubborn as a dog with a bone?

This 20,000-word novella is a blend of cranky personalities, blooming affection, and wagging puppy tails. 

Enjoy this Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice where it truly is a dog’s life.

The editing process as been taking place as I’ve written the story so only the last two chapters need proofread. I’ll do another once over of the whole story to make sure all is in place then it goes to formatting. Since the cover is already finished, I’m looking at early next week for eBook publication. It will take longer for the print copy to be available as I do not have that finished yet.

Oh, I’m just so, so excited. And I am 100% in love with this puppy. Who knew Border Collies were so intelligent and were masters of escape. They are incredible animals. If only I was not allergic.

I’ll let you know once it’s available. Enjoy the rest of 2018.

Coming Soon!

WINNERS!!! Audiobook Giveaway

Congratulations to the five  who were randomly selected. However, all of you who commented also win (please see below).

The winners of an Amazon gift card (so they can purchase the audiobook of their choice) are:


Tasha Barefield


Judy Pociask


Audible sent me 15 free codes to two of my audiobooks. To all the others who commented, I have sent you an email with the details to claim your audio copy of either “Friends and Enemies” or “Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride”. Please chose only one so there are enough to go around.

Thank you to all who took the time to comment. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you.

Oh My! Milestone ALERT!!!

I have been tracking my audiobook sales hoping to catch that magical moment when they reached 5,000. I missed. This screenshot was the closest I could get.

The production of an audiobook takes a lot of time and money so having listeners choose them from the multitude of titles available is wonderful. To show my gratitude, I will select names from any who comment on this post to win an audiobook (it does NOT need to be one of mine) of their choice. Please share in your comment why and/or when you listen to a book.

Thank you so much. This is AMAZING!!! By the way, I will be drawing five winners on Saturday, October 13th. Winners will be notified by email.  

Now Available! The Letter of the Law

About 30 seconds ago I received notification that The Letter of the Law is available in ALL the Amazon stores. However, when I did a search I could not find it. Goodness! How frustrating is that? I am tickled pink that after so many starts and stops, it’s done. I had to make a quick FaceTime call to my son-in-law for some assistance in formatting the print book. He’s a sweetheart. I ordered the print cover so it should be out in a week or so.

While on the phone I found out my granddaughter baked a cake. She was adding sprinkles to the frosting (lots of sprinkles). We celebrate each new book release with a cake in our house. Apparently, they are celebrating my release too in Ecuador. I didn’t bake. I bought a Boston Creme Pie, which is actually not a pie but a cake. Yummy!!!

Here are a few links for Letter of the Law:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Canada:

Amazon Australia:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Spain:

Amazon Netherlands:

Amazon Japan:

Amazon Brazil:

Amazon Mexico:

Amazon India:

Happy Shopping! Happy Reading!


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