Back from Ecuador – Hello Rain!!!

John and I had a lovely group of flights home from South America. It was painful to say goodbye. Seeing the tears on the faces of our grandchildren broke my heart. Sigh!!! We will possibly return in August – we hope.

Unfortunately, we returned to find my Mom having a medical emergency. It’s been trips back and forth between the hospital and doctor’s office. She is still undergoing tests but things are looking much, much better. However, I have zero ability to focus on my story. I’m sorry. I hope you will be patient.

In the meantime, please enjoy the spring weather (unless you are in the path of the many storms hitting various parts of the world). If you are in the southern hemisphere, happy autumn. And, as always, happy reading!!!


  1. caroleincanada

    So glad you both have made it back home safely. Those tears will turn to cheers when you return. Sorry to hear about your mom, but will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Don’t apologize for not being able to concentrate on writing…Mom comes first! Take care and make sure you rest too.

  2. Patricia Edmisson

    I second Carole. Rest. Family comes first. So glad to hear things are looking up for your mom. Prayers sent your way.

  3. Glynis

    Oh Joy! I hope your Mum is soon on the mend. Certainly not the best ending to your trip! I will keep you all in my prayers. Take care

  4. Marci K

    Not sure if this is public or not, but I am also in my 50s and writing my first novel. I was wondering if I could ever contact you and ask you any questions or get advice. Loved your book. We just got back from Quito 3 weeks ago too

  5. J "Joy" Dawn King


    Please email me at I’d love to chat.

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