Blame the Muse!!!

Nicole Clarkston called me NAUGHTY and said she was going to smack me. Why? Accidentally/inadvertently/fortuitously a second Christie Capps story took over my fingers. I’m going to have to pause “Letter of the Law” for another week. Honestly, I don’t have any other stories trying to sink my boat. Just these last two, I promise.

“Elizabeth” was released in eBook form on Amazon yesterday. Here is the link: Elizabeth

The response has been really good and the reviews wonderful. Thank you very much.

As to the newest story I’m writing? It’s called Hide & Seek. I’ll see if I can get the cover to post. It’s a Regency tale with Darcy and Elizabeth at Rosings. In truth, I had so much fun writing “Elizabeth” because the colonel kept trying to interfere with our dear couple. In this tale? Oh my goodness! Colonel Fitzwilliam is up to his knees in mischief. He loves and respects Darcy but has made a tease go too far. I’m not sure how this one is going to develop yet but I am confident Darcy and Lizzy will both be pleased by the end. I’m hoping to have this done and to the editor sometime next week. OK, let’s give the cover a try. Here it is—maybe.

This tiny excerpt is Mr. Darcy describing her to himself. “Her rich brown hair reminded him of his favorite colt, a bay his father had named Croesus. Her eyes were a stunning blue rimmed with thick dark lashes and beautifully curved brows. Her lips, the color of his mother’s favorite pink tulip invited the touch of his own, but only in his dreams.” A colt? I guess it was good it wasn’t an old, tired nag from the stables. Poor Darcy is half parts insulting and romantic. Will he ever learn? I sure hope not.

Okay, I’m off to type. I have books to write and FINISH.


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