TRIGGER WARNING: Chapter One has a FAILED sexual assault with no description of the attack itself. However, the emotional impacts are felt throughout the story.

Can love grow from adversity?

An attempted assault leaves Miss Elizabeth Bennet seeking tender comfort from the man she had, at one time, abhorred. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s gentle compassion fosters a budding affection as the couple grows to acknowledge each other’s weaknesses and failings while recognizing their own.

From Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we know Mr. Darcy as a man willing to make phenomenal changes for the woman he loves. Once proud and arrogant, he transforms into the gentleman women have admired for centuries. Through Elizabeth’s eyes, we come to know him and see beyond the surface to the inner man–a man willing to give all he has for the woman he admires.

As our heroine struggles with the aftermath of that life-changing event, we discover a strength of character we can admire and emulate. Not even the vile Mr. Wickham can keep Elizabeth Bennet from her happily-ever-after with the man of her dreams – Mr. Darcy.

What readers are saying on Amazon:

“I enjoyed this sharp, poignant story, which stays very true to canon while exploring a drastically different set of events. I wish it had been longer!” – Silver Girl

“You will love this articulate Darcy who speaks of fears, feelings and hopes.” – wosedwew

“Something very important lies within these pages, and my heart is full of thanks and joy to the writer for broaching a terrifying subject with such honesty and love. A short little story has accomplished more than hundreds of pages could, and left this reader feeling a deep peace and joy because of it.” – EM Clark


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