Coming Soon! The Matchmaker

WOW! I can’t seem to make the image smaller. That’s one BIG cover, isn’t it?

I am writing the final two chapters then it goes through edits. It’s the longest of all my Christie Capps stories which means I am breaking my own rule of 20,000 words. Since this is my FINAL novella, I chose to let the story be as long as it needed to be.

Why is this my final Christie Capps novella? The first reason is because the stories I have in mind for the future are all full-length novels. Secondly, when I began writing Christie Capps, there were few novellas being offered. Now, many authors have taken up the challenge so the need for a complete story to be read in a small amount of time has been filled. Lastly, writing a novella has been an exercise in frustration. Many, many times I have had to cut out scenes to trim the word count to meet my goal. I will admit that this has been great for developing my craft. I will continue to read novellas but I won’t be writing them. At least, that’s my decision for now.

What is this particular story about? Georgiana Darcy believes her brother is heartbroken when she catches a glimpse of a sad expression on his face once he returns from Kent. Determined to cure what ails him, she decides to find him a wife. To kill two birds with one stone, she expands her efforts to include her cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam in her matchmaking. Therefore, when she meets Jane and Elizabeth Bennet at an inn, Georgiana is overjoyed at finding the perfect matches – Fitzwilliam Darcy with Jane Bennet and the colonel with Elizabeth. Oops! How did that happen? As a reader, we know who will end up with whom. Poor Georgie is clueless.

This is a light-hearted tale where love follows the course set over 200 years ago for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. For the colonel and Jane? How could they not fall head over heels for each other.

Uh-oh! What about Mr. Bingley? Is he in the story? He certainly is, as is his shrewish sisters. But do not worry, please. He walks away with his heart intact. (No, he does NOT end up with Georgiana!!!)

Here is what Nicole Clarkston said about the last chapter I sent her (she is reading my work in progress as I am reading hers), “Yeee haw!!! Keep going!!!” Who am I to argue with her?

Keep safe and healthy. Happy reading!


  1. DarcyBennett

    Sounds wonderful and I would be interested in reading an ARC and reviewing.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you very much. I was hoping you would offer. I will put you on my list.

  2. Rose

    I always love your stories — CC or JDK!
    If you have enough ARCs, I would like one.

  3. sheilalmajczan

    I would love to receive an ARC of this story. Interesting to read the direction your writing is going. So looking forward to longer stories as you end your Novella career. Best of wishes with this new novella and all your writing. (Visited grandchildren in NJ to day so am just getting to read messages on my computer.)

  4. sheilalmajczan

    I am not seeing comments…the one I posted or any others!

  5. Ruth Telford

    Love to read as your work is always terrific.

  6. caroleincanada

    Gorgeous cover! What’s that saying, ‘The bigger the better!’ Or ‘Go big or go home!’ Loving your updated plan and looking forward to Georgiana’s attempts at matchmaking! Can’t wait to see what Caroline Bingley thinks about it too! Sign me up!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you very much. Someday I might get my website figured out. Or not!

  7. M U

    I’d love to read an ARC for you Joy! Please add me to your list.

  8. Roxane Wolff

    I would be very happy to read an ARC copy!

  9. Cheryl Kepler

    Love your stories and would love to read & review an ARC on this one!

  10. Glynis

    I can’t believe that this will be your last Christie Capps novella! While I do love long books it’s sometimes necessary to have a short sweet read, fortunately I do love to reread favourites, especially For Pemberley and Lost and Found.
    I like the idea of Georgiana playing matchmaker, now it just needs her to adjust her ideas about who should be with whom!
    Thank you for sharing this cover photo and blurb!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you for your kindness, Glynis. You are a gem.

  11. Carol

    I love your Christie Capps stories. Anytime I want a quick good story, I go to them. But I love your other stories too. As long as you’re still writing something I’m good lol. Looking forward to this new one!

  12. excitedreader

    Hello dear matchmaking lady
    I would love to read your book, IF I can give you/it at least 4 stars <3
    Though I think you always got at least 4 stars 🙂 Reviewing a book is very personal,but I would never give under 4 stars publicly.
    And you know that I can put it only on Goodreads?
    Have a very good time

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I always enjoy hearing from you, Doris. Reviewing is personal to me too. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Millie

    Hi joy. Definitely. I am in for reading your new story

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I am so glad, Millie. I should have it ready soon.

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