• Glynis

    Oh my goodness! That was a shock! Charlotte refusing Bingley and knowing that Jane would refuse him as well?
    Hmmm maybe Colonel Fitzwilliam may change his mind and pursue Jane leaving Darcy free to sweep Elizabeth off her feet 🙂
    I’m looking forward to Caroline getting put in her place.
    So glad you are having fun with your grandchildren Joy. My Mum had great pleasure from hers. My Dad used to tell about someone coming to the house for her and he said she was out sledging! 🙂

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Well, that was certainly a bit of a mind-blowing chapter. Not many authors would pair Charlotte and Bingley. But you could still pair her up…maybe with the colonel? Darcy seems to have his work cut out for him with three men interested in Elizabeth even if the one seems to be bowing out of the competition. How much time is left in the will’s demands?

    I can’t imagine having to deal with the lack of proper oxygen with the problems I have had with my lungs. But I do hope you are enjoying your grandchildren to the utmost. Take care. Thanks for this chapter. Looking forward to more.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      True, Sheila. However, Bingley and Charlotte weren’t paired for long – probably less than 30 minutes. We shall see if he learns his lesson. I imagine he will, don’t you? The time left will be revealed in the next chapter. The days are passing and Darcy needs a wife more than the Colonel does. At least, that’s Darcy’s opinion.

      We are loving being here. No, I think the Andes mountains are out for you, my friend. Thank goodness your grandchildren are closer.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      We shall see, Vesper. I know this is a favorite pairing for you and I do like seeing her come out of her shell. I’ve already established that she has a quick intelligence and is not interested in socializing. Would she be a good match for an officer with newly changed circumstances? I’m still considering it.

  • caroleincanada

    WHAT???? It must be the altitude!!!! You are high up in the clouds plucking gossamer threads and weaving them into this amazing twist! LOVE IT!!! The battlefield has it’s first victim…Bingley!

    Now I wonder what tales you tell your grandchildren when you tuck them in at night? Do you leave them with cliffhangers too? Asking them to expand on your bedtime story to them? Does the issue with the altitude stay with you the whole time, or are you able to adjust?

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Ha Ha! Maybe it is the lack of oxygen.

      Jane Austen has never given us reason to doubt Bingley’s honor or decorum. However, I could see him, in his youthful enthusiasm, step close or over the line in being ‘friendly’ and the trouble it would cause. Chapter 11 begins with him telling Darcy what transpired between him and Charlotte. I have plans for Bingley later in the story. However, it may or may not involve Jane Bennet. I’m not telling.

      My grandchildren are well versed in how a story goes so there are no cliffhangers allowed. They are terrific storytellers themselves.

      It’s been three weeks and I’m getting more able to deal with the altitude. It tends to stick with me for about a month. John recovers in about two days. Jennifer and her family feel sluggish when they come to Oregon’s coastal elevation. The air is too thick for them. It’s funny the way this works.

  • Patricia Edmisson

    As I was reading this passage, there were many “Oh, my goodness!”spoken. So much drama was happening behind three sets of doors.

    What will you have cooked up in the next chapter? Now, who will be matched with Bingley?

    Darcy and Elizabeth seem partially matched up from the internal dialogue.

    So looking forward to chapter 11!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thanks, Patricia. Trust me, there were many “Oh, my goodness!” moments when I was writing it too. In truth, I was an eyewitness to some powerful flirting going on this summer and it turned out ugly. I couldn’t let the situation between Bingley and Charlotte go that far, which is why our honorable Charlotte was able to tell him ‘no’. I read an article on flirting where the author compared its danger to a parent giving a child a sharp kitchen knife to play with. It’s not the fun it seems.

      The next chapter? As soon as I push “Post Comment” I am going to work on it. I’ll get it too you ASAP. Promise!

  • Anji

    Ah the jungle! Not been to the Amazon, but have spent time in the West African rain forest when we lived over there in the late 70s. In one part where we visited, the tracks were covered in butterflies, taking advantage of what little sunlight filtered through the gaps in the tree canopy. They flew up in the air as our little jeep travelled along and then settled back down again afterwards. A lovely sight.

    Now let me see if I’ve got the reckoning right in the suitor stakes:
    Elizabeth has gone from three to two
    Jane has gone from one to zero
    Charlotte from zero to one to zero
    Bingley seems to have gone from one to two to zero!

    O what a tangled web you’re weaving for us! Like others, there were several exclamations, and a possible expletive or two, uttered in a somewhat croaky voice whilst I was reading this! Must dash on to the next chapter without further ado!

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