• Patricia Edmisson

    Powerful truths dealt to the Bingleys from 2 different sources. One Bingley may have learned, but what of the other one?

    Love that Darcy and Elizabeth are almost on the same page. Darcy has admitted his aloud to another. Elizabeth has not. So when will they get to the real conversation with each other about each other? The phrase “circling the drain comes to mind.”

    Another great chapter. Thanks for getting it to us so quickly. It was a nice bonus to sit and read it after working in ER today.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I will admit that Darcy and Elizabeth are in the same book. Definitely not on the same page – yet. I’m pleased I could provide you a few minutes of escape from ER to Regency England. I’m typing today.

  • caroleincanada

    YES!!!! Elizabeth sees that Darcy is perfect for her!!! Now to move them along…I know…too soon…

    I loved how you handled Bingley’s enlightenment. Charlotte being the wise and practical woman that she is, very politely but firmly told Bingley, in no uncertain words, that he needs to grow up and be a man! I love Lady Matlock…yes the loudest hen is the first one in the pot…which pot are you planning to throw Miss Bingley into? Haha!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I’m not quite sure which pot gets Caroline Bingley. Yes, Charlotte and Lady M are quite the women. I think of how wise Jane Austen was in her writings and pattern my Charlotte after her. Oh, and, yes, it’s too soon for our dear couple. Not long though…I hope.

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    This chapter has so many truths coming to the fore. Bingley got a big lesson from Charlotte: good for her honesty despite her father’s urging. Lady Matlock gave a lesson to Caroline – will she mind it? Darcy is pushing Richard at Elizabeth while she sees Darcy as perfect for her. When are they going to see what is in front of them. Thanks for this chapter.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      There are some principles you just can’t argue with. Charlotte will have her HEA, I guarantee, and it will NOT be with Mr. Collins. As for Caroline, I have a scene coming up which will reveal her level of stubbornness. Will she? Won’t she? As for Darcy and Elizabeth, I think it will be a bit longer before they finally realize they share the same feelings. Oh, it’s so romantic!!!!!

  • Glynis

    Well that told Caroline. And Bingley as well. Good for Charlotte telling him he needs to deal with Caroline, now let’s hope he does.
    At last Elizabeth realised she loves Darcy but alas he doesn’t know that. However he needs to speak before Mr Collins gets a chance so maybe you could have a word with him Joy? 🙂

  • Jennifer Leiker

    Yes!! was so happy to find this in my email today. Just lovely. can’t wait for more. I am excited that Elizabeth and Darcy are getting along and that she realizes Darcy is suitable for her.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I’m excited too, Jennifer. They still have some obstacles to overcome before their happily -ever-after. Of course, these two strong-minded individuals may take matters into their own hands and marry before I am ready for them to do so. The perils of being an author!!!

  • Janet Taylor

    I was a late starter so read them all in catch-up mode! I’m enjoying this story and can hardly wait for the next chapter! Type faster! lol Poor Darcy. I don’t want him thinking Elizabeth is interested in the Colonel, but I am thrilled that she has realized that Darcy is perfect for her. Excellent story! 🙂 Thank you.

  • Kare

    I’m loving this story! I also just found it so am reading in catch up mode. I have dark circles under my eyes to prove it…I can’t put it down. Now I’m on pins and needles wondering if Charlotte will end up with the good doctor, if Jane will forgive Bingley, or if the Colonel will perhaps sweep her off her feet…so many options! Thanks for sharing this story!

  • Susan

    First time to comment … first time to read, and I did it all in one sitting!! That last part made me fist-pump. YES!! I hope Richard is just messing with Darcy so that he (Darcy) would pick up the challenge and get his act together asap. Hopeful thinking only? It’s just so difficult thinking of two such great friends as the cousins as you’ve portrayed them to be at odds over a woman, even (or especially) if it’s Elizabeth. Aaaaannnddd …. great writing on BIngley’s growing up … and hopefully, a great big set-down of Caroline is coming up.

  • Anji

    Go Charlotte! That was just so well done, Joy. Dignified but telling Bingley exactly what he needed to know in order to develop a backbone. Please, get him to reinforce what Lady M. said in her put down of Caroline? Love the “hen in the stew pot” analogy!

    And finally! As you say, D&E are now in the same book, we just have to get them to the same page. If it’s another 8 or 9 chapters, lots of time for them to mess things up good and proper before the HEA.

    If your muse decides to pair Jane off with someone other than Bingley, such as the Colonel, then I’m cool with that. As long as it’s not Collins! Can’t wait to see how he sticks his oar into the situation!

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