Letter of the Law – Chapter 12

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing.



  1. Glynis

    Phew! Not one kiss but three! Why didn’t he wait for Elizabeth’s reaction before apologising? I’m positive she wouldn’t have kissed him back if she had accepted Richard so Darcy should have claimed compromise as witnessed by his uncle. I know he is too honourable to try and get her as his bride that way but…………..!
    He must go after her and protect her from Mr Collins – PLEASE
    Your grandchildren must be commended for sharing their grandma with us poor readers!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      You are correct, Glynis. There is much that needs done. And, he is an honorable man.

      I will certain share what you said with Jennifer’s children. They understand the writer’s life.

  2. caroleincanada

    Good Grief!!! Darcy your brain is addled if you think you can walk away from Elizabeth like that after kissing her so completely! I know you think she is betrothed, but why are you positive Richard was asking and that she accepted?!!! Lord Matlock is wonderful and now Darcy has made his pursuit that much more difficult! And now Mr. Collins is thrown into the mix…argh!!!! Though I am sure it will add a level of hilarity to the mess!

    Oh do rest up and continue to enjoy those grandchildren as much as possible…we will be waiting…maybe not as patiently as we should…but they do come first.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Ha Ha! Brain addled. Yes, he certainly is. I think the poor man was as affected by the kiss as she was. I’m typing Chapter 13 now. Lizzy is a tad bit twitterpated.

      I will do as you suggest and enjoy them to the full.

  3. Patricia Edmisson

    Oh my goodness! What a muddle Darcy has created. I do not think Lizzy would have returned a kiss if she was engaged to another .

    Thank goodness for the audience of his uncle to help this mess.

    Now Darcy has to face his cousin. Let us hope Richard did not get the answer he wanted if it was to ask for Lizzy’s hand in marriage.

    Enjoy your family and type when able. We will be waiting most patiently.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I know! I went back and reread the chapter and thought, “uh-oh! Darcy’s done it now.” I do like Lord and Lady Matlock. We will be seeing more of them in future chapters. Thanks for waiting.

  4. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    It is definitely a muddle but … did the colonel really propose and if so what was her answer??? It seems someone aught to call “Compromise!” Don’t you think??? He He

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Great questions, Jennifer. They are answered in chapter 13, which I just posted. This is getting exciting! (I keep saying that, but it truly is.)

  5. Gail M Frisby

    Oh no wow good grief oomp why o that’s all I can say.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you for your comment, Gail. I felt exactly the same way.

  6. Anji

    I think Elizabeth is angry, not because of the kiss, but because of the apology. He kissed her, she kissed him back and then they kissed each other – it’s like buses. You wait ages for one, then three come along together! Not satisfactory with buses but definitely satisfactory with this scene – until Darcy puts his foot in his mouth again! Don’t think Lizzy would have kissed him like that if she’d just become betrothed to Richard. Uncle Hugh is a real sweetie and I’m sure will do his best to make aure the right coupke get together……eventually.

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