• Glynis

    Heavens! Mr Bennet is even more lackadaisical than usual. Why can he not listen to Elizabeth and stop giving in to his wife?
    Hopefully Darcy will realise what a treasure she is and ask her to help him keep his estate and populate it with their many children

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Yes, Glynis, Mr. Bennet is certainly lackadaisical. However, we will find out that he truly does love his Lizzy but it will be later in the story. Wouldn’t it be grand if he would listen? Not going to happen in his lifetime. I’m looking forward to your opinion of the direction Chapter Five is headed.

  • sheilalmajczan

    I can see this becoming a FMS from not only Darcy’s viewpoint (in that he must marry to meet the codicil’s demands) but also Elizabeth’s when an emergency does fall upon Longbourn. Perhaps the silo storing the wheat burns or the sheep come down with some dread disease. Then Mr. B. might accept Darcy’s offer for her hand as it might come with monetary offers to the Bennet family.

    But that is just my mind wandering and wondering. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back at your computer but now with your trip I am thinking it might be a while before we read another chapter.

    Have a good time in Ecuador.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      The end of chapter five takes a bit of a twist. Although it seemed like I was heading in the forced marriage scenario, my brain threw me a curveball. Writing!!! Why do my fingers not do what my mind is begging them to do? I’m clueless.

      Your imagination amazes me, Sheila. I tell ya, you should be a writer.

      We are counting down the days. Not long and we will be heading to South America. Yay! I’m determined to type until we get on the plane and Jennifer will make sure I take a break from hugging the grandkids to type some more. She’s got a soft heart but she’s brutal that way!!! Just saying!

  • caroleincanada

    Wow! I like how you do a ‘workout’ in writing with Nicole and Jennifer. I never heard of that and it certainly sounds motivating to say the least. As for the story, I’m fearing an impending disaster! Darcy is certainly very cynical and very condescending when it comes to looking for a wife! Similar to buying a horse! I’m sure Elizabeth would see ‘red’ if she heard that from him! The tension is building…

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Oh, I wish I could tell you what I have up my sleeve. However, I’m mean enough to keep it secret. Yes, tension is building. Wait until you see what Elizabeth comes up with at the end of the next chapter. I have to chuckle at how ridiculous these two can be. Neither can see the forest for the trees. Maybe that’s why we love them so much.

  • Anji

    Happy New Year! I love the idea of you, Nicole and Jennifer having a typing sprint. Will you be carrying on with it in Ecuador? I can just see you and Jennifer tappering away at your computers each day.

    Oh my goodness – Darcy comparing Jane and Elizabeth to prime brood mares? The man needs to get a grip! And this Mr. Bennet seems even more lackadaisical than in canon. As Sheila says, are you cooking up some dire happening at Longbourn, making a FMS scenario a likelihood? I am all anticipation!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you, Anji. Oh, yes, we will definitely be doing sprints. In fact, our apartment is just above Jennifer’s so we will be upstairs/downstairs plunking away at our keyboards.

      No kidding! Not only do Darcy and Mr. B need a wake-up call, they need to quit being so impressed with their own intelligence. You would think their awakening comes from Elizabeth and I originally planned it to happen that way, but my mind took a turn so it will come from a hero rather than a heroine. Or, that’s what I have planned right now. Hmmmmm! That might need to change. Can you tell that I love being in the driver’s seat?

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