• caroleincanada

    LOL! Love it! Yes Darcy, you should want to rip out your tongue! Now Elizabeth is going to help him find a wife! Brilliant! Methinks she may regret that statement as they each come to truly know themselves and each other!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I think you just might be right, Carole. At least that’s my plan for now. Who she comes up with is revealed in the next chapter. Oh my. I did want this book to be filled with angst. Nonetheless, it’s going to turn out to be a typical J Dawn King sweet story, I’m thinking. Oh well! Everyone needs a bit of sunshine, don’t they?

  • Glynis

    Oh yes Joy, a sweet story please. I have no idea who Elizabeth will suggest but I hope he declines and convinces her that he finds her exceedingly more than tolerable.
    At least she seems to see him in a more favourable light at the moment so I hope that continues.
    I read a comment on a previous post mentioning forced marriage and I was hoping for that myself but you seemed to veto that. Still I am happy to see there won’t be too much angst as I’m not a huge fan (crying messes up my glasses!)

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Ha Ha! Crying messes up my glasses too.

      I’ve stepped away from my story and taken care of some errands. Of course, when I should have been paying attention to my driving or singing along to the radio, I was pondering my story. I’ve not done a real true forced marriage scenario before. At this point, the story could go either way. I have this idea…which I am totally blaming upon you and a few others. We shall see.

  • Anji

    Oh but I loved this chapter! The verbal sparring between them was just fantastic. The thought of Elizabeth trying to find the perfect wife for Darcy and possibly coming to the realisation it should be herself is definitely tantalising, is the alternative possibility of a FMS.

    On the other topic you mentioned, Nicole’s work is amazing. Yes, you must keep her at her writing, then we get double (or possibly triple, if we include Jennifer) enjoyment at the end of it all!

  • Patricia Edmisson

    Even better than the last chapter. I enjoyed the sparing. Now who would Elizabeth pick for Darcy? Hopefully, this woman would see that these two need to be together instead of her. She could force a marriage between them.

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    I agree with loving the verbal sparring. I admire authors who can put together those conversations…”using words of 4 syllables” as Bingley said (laughing). I would not be able to type such out at the pace you and Nicole have set. I am also a fan of Nicole’s; both for P&P and N&S, as I said before. So the fact that you two push each other is putting me in a mood of anticipation. We have yours and can look forward to hers…love you both and your work.

    I keep searching my mind and the only people in Meryton that Elizabeth would recommend in my opinion are Charlotte or Jane. But Jane is out of the running, I do believe. So if it is not Charlotte I am stumped as to whom you will push forward.

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your writing.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Sheila, thanks. We sprinted this morning. I typed 1,427 words in an hour while Nicole did almost 1,300. Normally she is ahead of me so I’m grinning from ear to ear.

      Great guesses. That scene has been written and I’m back at Netherfield with Bingley and Darcy. I do believe our man actually learned something from his conversation with Elizabeth. At least, I hope he did. Humph! I guess, not so much.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you, Laura. I’ll certainly check this out.

      Towards the end of chapter four, Bingley suggests they (him and Darcy) call upon Mr. Bennet to determine whether the two eldest Bennet’s are similar in character to their father as they appear unlike their mother. This is why they are there. The scene changes to Elizabeth in the library the next day.

      There will undoubtedly be many changes needed before I publish as I’m posting as I type. This is a very rough first draft. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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