• Jennifer Redlarczyk

    I had to laugh at this one. Lizzy has three suitors now and has no knowledge of any of them and their wishes. So fun. Hairy toes indeed. Maybe she will have to see the feet of all three before she decides. Ha Ha!

  • Glynis

    Oh goodness not another suitor! Poor Darcy. I hope Caroline gets her comeuppance pretty quick. Maybe a set down from the Matlocks as a start. And get rid of the doctor as I’m sure the Colonel wouldn’t really try to steal Elizabeth from Darcy???

  • Jennifer Leiker

    Another suitor for Miss Elizabeth! Poor Darcy is going to go mad with another man after ‘his’ Elizabeth. He shall have to work harder for her good opinion and affection!

    Thank you for another chapter. I’m excited for the next one.

  • Patricia Edmisson

    Brilliant, the plot thickens. Now throw in Collins and what will Mrs. Bennet think of her least favorite daughter?

    Wow, how will she decide? When will Elizabeth find out about these gentlemen’s desire of her presence in his life?

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Poor Elizabeth. She’s going to remain clueless for a while. The only charmer amongst the three is stuck in bed. Darcy and the doctor are both beginners in the woo-ing business. Mr. Collins is on his way. So are the Matlocks and Mrs. Bennet and her other daughters. Should be interesting.

  • Monica

    I just found this story this afternoon. What a treasure! I am enjoying it though hate the thought of waiting for the next chapter. Think I’d rather wait and add the book to my library. Cheers to you Mrs. King. If this is raw writing, you rock!

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Tell Jennifer…Grandparents are made to play with and spoil their grandchildren…If I had known how much fun grandchildren were I would have had them first…right?

    Loving the story. With Richard’s compound fracture he is going to have to stay off his feet for quite a while. Laughing at the “foot/toe” description…she ain’t seen nothing yet! Old married lady speaking here. Hair on feet and legs…wait till she sees back and chest!

    Three suitors: mad scramble here for seating. Elizabeth is not going to know which way to turn without someone offering an arm, a chair, wanting a book read and/or tea served. Pity her dilemma! NOT!

    Thanks for this chapter. Hope you are well.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Jennifer loves us being here as she is free to write while we play with the kids. They are typical 9-year-old twins. I love my daughter but these kids? Wow! They totally control John and me.

      I had to change Richard’s compound fracture to a fracture of the tibia. According to two bone doctors, his chance of survival for a compound fracture in the 1800’s was extremely small. I’m grateful we have today’s medical care.

      We had a 5.2 earthquake last night that shook us up but didn’t do any damage to our apartment. We went up onto the rooftop last night to see if the volcano was spewing lava but the clouds blocked our view. It’s always exciting here.

      Take care, Sheila, and happy reading.

  • caroleincanada

    Hahaha! That was fun…hairy legs and toes! I’m not sure how straight a face I could keep after thinking about that and then being in the room with them!!! No wonder Elizabeth had a huge smile on her face when Darcy opened the door! Three suitors with another on the way and only the men knowing they plan to woo her…oh this is going to be fun. Hmmm…I wonder how Elizabeth will feel about all of this once she figures it out…something tells me she wont be completely happy about ‘the competition’. Let the games begin!

    As for ‘Catty Caroline’, I agree with Glynis, I do think Lady Matlock will put her in her place. I agree with Darcy, Bingley needs to be more forceful too!

    Enjoy the grandchildren and tell Jennifer I can’t wait for her next book! Then again, I can’t wait for this one! But grandchildren come first! Things have been rumbling all over lately…be safe and have fun!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Carole, I will pass on your message as soon as Jennifer gets back from picking up the kids from school. She won’t let me see her next work-in-progress but has told me about it. Wow! I mean, WOW! She’s about 10,000 words ahead of me and we are both racing to get finished so we can start editing each other’s work. I’m excited and so is she.

      Poor Elizabeth. I imagine she will, like Sheila suggests, be entirely shocked the first time she sees Darcy after they wed, chest hair and all. As far as the bevy of suitors, she will remain clueless for a while. Bingley, that naive young man, is about to learn a hard, hard lesson. However, he never stays down long.

      I’m hoping Matlocks show up in chapter 10. These characters!!!

  • Anji

    Now grandchildren is an experience still waiting for us. Our son has only just got engaged and we’re in no hurry for the next generation to arrive yet. They still have to make their way in the world and are only 25, so there’s plenty of time for those sorts of things. Though I hope they don’y leave it quite as long as us – I was 37 when he was born!

    Oh Lizzy! Three prospective suitors if she did but know it and I can’t wait for someone, hopefully the Countess, to put Caroline properly in her place. All the talk of hairy toes reminds me of Hobbits and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’m an inveterate watcher of Special Features on DVDs and apparently, at least one of the actors no longer grows hair on his toes. The prosthetic hobbit feet were attached and removed (think removing sticking plasters) so many times that the hair eventually stopped growing. Why does my brain retain this sort of information?

    • Anji

      I forgot to mention that one sentence made me chuckle. It’s when the extra chairs are mentioned. You’ve written “Darcy requested an additional chair for himself and the maid”. I had an image, in what passes for my brain, of Darcy and the maid sharing the chair and one of them sitting on the other’s lap!

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