• Glynis

    Oh my goodness. I wonder if Elizabeth heard any of this?
    I really feel for the poor Colonel but he can’t possibly have Elizabeth, please don’t let her choose him over Darcy.
    If he had been thinking straight he really should have kissed her when he was holding her just then 🙂

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Oh, what a clever idea. However, that would have given Darcy unfair advantage because I cannot imagine him to be a sloppy kisser. Can you?

      Elizabeth and Darcy will end up together, never fear. The colonel? I have plans for the man.

  • caroleincanada

    So glad you are safe and sound in Ecuador with Jennifer and family…especially the grandchildren! Please thank Jennifer for getting you writing again!

    My stomach was cringing reading about Richard and the poor horse. I can well imagine Elizabeth’s horror. Then their encounter in the hallway…sparks indeed! But to torture us with Richard vying for Miss Elizabeth?! But that just may be what he needs to make him worthy of her!

    Now who do you have in mind for the Colonel? Can’t wait to find out!!!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I will certainly let her know. She has always been the sweetest child. BUT, Jennifer becomes a Drill Sergeant when it comes to getting me focused on writing. Who knew our gentle girl could become such a taskmaster. I’m grateful.

      I agree with you, Carole. I believe a little competition will be very healthy for Mr. Darcy. As far as the Colonel goes, you will have to wait. I have two different ideas. We shall have to see how the story works out. It usually surprises even me in the end.

  • Patricia Edmisson

    Wow, I was not expecting a “contest” to win Elizabeth’s affections. This is getting better and better.

    I do feel for the Colonel. How much will he make Darcy suffer? Who will be for the Colonel?

  • Anji

    I’m on a major catchup with this one Joy. In fact, I’ve just read it all through right from the very beginning! This chapter is the first of the new ones for me. It’s one of the things I’m using to cheer myself up, as I’m currently in bed with flu, despite having had my flu jab late last year. Grrr! It’s all hanging together very nicely when read as a whole.

    I can’t imagine living at that sort of altitude, though I guess you must become acclimatised eventually. The only times I’ve been at any sort of altitude (a few days in Cameroon in the late 70s and a few days in Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon ten years ago) left me feeling decidedly out of puff! The highest mountain in the UK is less than half the height you’re living at (and yes, I have been up it – on our honeymoon, no less).

    Anyway, what a pity D&E couldn’t have had a quick (or even lengthy) kiss and been thoroughly compromised in the hallway! But then we wouldn’t get the burgeoning rivalry between Darcy and Richard, so I’m trusting where your Muse is taking us on this journey. It’s never failed us yet and I’m sure it won’t this time either.

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