• Patricia Edmisson

    Yes and yes! Darcy and Elizabeth, Bingley and Jane, and Richard and Mary are great couples.

    Love how Lord Matlock spoke to GW instead of Darcy and even called for Richard too. GW is deathly afraid of Richard. Fled like the coward we know he is.

    Yay! Mr. Bennet saw and actually did something to correct wife and 2 youngest girls. Finally! How long will it last? Long enough to transport those girls to school?

    Thank you for this additional chapter today. Safe travels.

  • Glynis

    Go Lord Matlock! Telling it like it is about Wickham, then frightening him with the Colonel! And at last Mr Bennet took charge of his wife and youngest daughters.
    Then we come to Darcy and Elizabeth (sigh) both admitting their love for the other . So romantic! What makes me think Elizabeth is going to be spoilt by her adoring husband?
    Thank you Joy for writing this. Not long until August!

  • caroleincanada

    Haha! In a couple of sentences, Lord Matlock summed up the character of Wickham and sent him packing with the threat of the Colonel coming into the room! Gotta love the man! I wonder if that alone was the impetus for Mr. Bennet to finally see the scandal Kitty but mostly Lydia could bring down on his the family. Thank goodness!

    But, oh my, the interest that Mary’s presence brought out in the Colonel! Then for him to ask Darcy how he knew he loved Elizabeth…swoon worthy! I just love the puppy scene and I can see the early redemption of Kitty…especially if she has such a tender heart! Just a wonderful chapter!

    Just remember August…

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    I do like it when there is a love interest for the colonel (except when it is Elizabeth) and looking forward to that relationship’s development. Also loving how Lord Matlock handled Wickham…sending him scurrying like a dog with his tail between his legs. Wondering if he has left Meryton all together. Puppies would melt the coldest heart. So liking the last sentence about how…if she wants puppies, puppies she shall have.

    Thanks for this chapter. Travel safely.

  • Anji

    Has Wickham really come and gone so quickly? Or is he lurking in the background somewhere, waiting for an opportune moment. At least everyone present now know his true nature. Threatening him with Colonel Fitszwilliam was a darned good idea and linking him with Mary is an even better one!

    “You two need to recall there are others in the room.” Now I love the scene where Lady M. is forced to make that remark and then the one that follows with Richard questioning Darcy about his love for Elizabeth – sigh!

    Best wishes for a safe joirney.

  • Betty Jo

    I loved how Lord Matlock handled Wickham! I believe that was the best set down of him that I have ever read!
    I just found your story this past week. I hope you enjoyed your visit with your daughter and grandsons.

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