• Glynis

    Oh poor Elizabeth! Haven’t they missed her yet? At least Darcy is on the way back and he will leave no stone unturned if she’s still missing when he gets back. Please don’t let Wickham hurt her at all and let him get his just desserts.
    I am praying all your family’s health problems are vastly improved. Take care Joy.

  • caroleincanada

    Oh poor Darcy…he will be devastated if Elizabeth has not been found by the time he returns! As for Miss Elizabeth, one does learn a lot about one’s self in a time of crisis…but the glass…break the glass to use to cut your bindings!!!

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Good idea, Carole. I was going over ideas for cutting the ropes in m head but you have the best idea. I am sure someone, somehow will come to her rescue or she will escape. But that is what makes me love angst…we never know for sure what the author has in mind. Darcy is going to be so exhausted much less alarmed! Wonder what he will do to W.? Thanks for this chapter.

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