Letter of the Law – Epilogue

I have removed this story to prepare for publishing. 


  1. Glynis

    Fabulous! And what a treat! The final three parts all in one go 🙂 🙂 🙂
    You did have me a little worried when Wickham captured Darcy, it was lucky he had sent his sidekick with his location. I’m glad Wickham was caught and would suffer for his crimes.
    I hope Mr and Mrs Darcy go on to have sons and daughters who take after both of their adoring parents.
    Thanks so much for sharing this Joy, I look forward to the published version.

  2. Vesper

    Love any story that has Richard and Mary together – thank you. Look forward to reading the published work

  3. Sheila L. Majczan

    Sigh! Lovely. Thank you so much. I hope to reread this before you take it down but I will also look forward to reading the published edition. Good luck with editing.

  4. caroleincanada

    Oh you teasing imaginative woman! What a delightful ending for all! I love that line, “By love you are my life.” Thank you…

  5. Gail M Frisby

    Loved it . Great finish love it when Wickham get his due. Also I love a story with an epilogue

  6. Janet Taylor

    Loved this, Joy! What an ending! I’m with Carole on the line, “By love you are my life.” Wonderful! Thanks for such a lovely story.

  7. betsy hagan

    Thank you! Thoroughly enjoyable!

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