• J. W. Garrett

    Fine eyes, indeed. I like this family. Mrs. Bennet has calmed down a great deal due to the birth of little Thomas. Oh, this is so much fun to read. I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing this scene. This reminds me so much of my brother. I carried him on my hip and he is now a grown man with a child of his own. Oh, how time flies. So many precious memories. Blessings, stay safe and healthy.

  • Glynis

    Caroline Bingley has certainly revealed her true nasty, self obsessed nature now! Even her brother is angry with her, so let’s hope he sends her away then everybody else can be happy.
    Loved Mrs Bennet’s reactions in this, she definitely sees which way the wind is blowing!
    I wonder if anyone did see the compromise down by the pond?

  • Jan

    I bet dear Caro hid the bracelet in the room. She just keeps on making a fool of herself. I would think that she will NEVER be invited to any Darcy property. She will get a direct cut if she tries to talk to them at the theater.

  • sheilalmajczan

    Count on Mrs. Bennet to catch the “fine eyes” part of the conversation as being the most significant! And Caroline is revealing a very negative characteristic in that she accuses with no proof and really no reason in that motive. Why on earth would Elizabeth even want the bracelet? She cannot wear it as others, even her family, would recognize it as Mrs. Hurst’s who jangled it about and caught everyone’s attention to the action nor can she “pawn” it as the local jeweler knows her and her family’s situation as far as jewels owned and worn, I am sure. And furthermore, she can’t exactly run into London to pawn it either. Caroline is just pushing Darcy further away from even accepting her as a guest in any of his homes in the future. Thanks for this chapter.

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