• sheilalmajczan

    So lovely. I will have to read this again when it is published. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I am again smiling from ear to ear. Have a lovely evening out there in Oregon.

  • J. W. Garrett

    Yeah… of course she couldn’t. They needed to hurry up and get started on creating their own brood of mischief and mayhem. Heavy sigh. This was so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have given me a few minutes of complete joy during these stressful times. My dear, thank you for that simple pleasure.

  • Shelley Hoisington

    Wonderful story. I am looking forward to reading the published version. Thank you for putting a smile on my face while reading this as well as remembering childhood memories of the snow.

  • Glynis

    Yes, ok, so he didn’t actually propose in the last chapter! But he did mention short courtship and engagement then a long marriage! Now if he said those things to me that would definitely be classed as a proposal! However I loved this one even more!
    I would love to know how soon they had their first child and how many they actually had? Hopefully Derbyshire would have enough snow for all of them?
    Another wonderful story Joy, thank you!

  • Cheryl Kepler

    Thank you for yet another adorable story. I love your vivid imagination and witty dialogue, even with children!

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