My First Countdown Deal

Thank you very much for your responses. The deals are scheduled as follows: (they are only for the US and UK Amazon stores – none others are available. If you do not purchase from those two stores please email me at and we will see what we can work out.)

J Dawn King countdown deals
Christie Capps countdown deal – please note the different dates for One Bride & Two Grooms – Amazon made me do it


  1. J. W. Garrett

    Oh, thank you for these generous countdown deals. I am so excited to see the one book I do not own in the list. Woohoo!! I’ll grab it for sure. Blessings on all your hard work.

    • J “Joy” Dawn King

      Thank you. It took a bit to figure out. I wish I could have done them all. Some day.

  2. Glynis

    What great deals! Now I just have to remind myself on 6th . Thank you so much – so generous

  3. Shelley Hoisington

    Thank you for the generous count down deals.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      You are welcome, Shelley. I wish I could do more. I will try later.

  4. Cheryl Kepler

    YAAAAAY!!!!!! thank you so much!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I hope you like my choices. I started down the list and ran out of opportunity to do more. Later, I hope.

  5. Lisa

    Thank you. Couple I do not own yet. So excited. Compromised is one of my favorites!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I’m so glad there are some you do not yet have. It’s fun to shop and read, isn’t it?

      • Lisa

        My favorite hobbies. I have already reread Compromised! I would have read more but a new puppy has taken up a lot of my free time. Thank you so much.

        • J "Joy" Dawn King

          You are welcome, Lisa. How wonderful you have a new puppy. I hope your new little one isn’t as mischievous as Henry was to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Enjoy!

  6. Sarah P

    Thanks for your generous countdown deal. I’ve just bought Mr Darcy mail order bride, and The Letter of the law, to add to my growing collection of P&P books.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I thank you, Sarah. I will confess that Mail-Order Bride is probably my favorite of all the stories I’ve written so far. I would love to be this Elizabeth.

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