Oh My! Milestone ALERT!!!

I have been tracking my audiobook sales hoping to catch that magical moment when they reached 5,000. I missed. This screenshot was the closest I could get.

The production of an audiobook takes a lot of time and money so having listeners choose them from the multitude of titles available is wonderful. To show my gratitude, I will select names from any who comment on this post to win an audiobook (it does NOT need to be one of mine) of their choice. Please share in your comment why and/or when you listen to a book.

Thank you so much. This is AMAZING!!! By the way, I will be drawing five winners on Saturday, October 13th. Winners will be notified by email.


  • Eva Edmonds

    Congratulations, Joy, on this milestone. Your generous offer is very appreciated, but who would not want to select one of your audiobooks? I listen to audiobooks as a motivator for walking (I need all the motivation that I can get). Your books are a joy to read and to walk to.

  • AnitaP

    Congrats! I wish I had more time to listen to audiobooks. My commute to work is short and I work at home a lot. And, I zone out and don’t listen to the story as close as I should when I’m exercising. I have to wait for road trips and work travel.

    • Rita Malone-Paul

      Pippy, I listen to them and JJ’s books as I drive to work. It helps me to avoid the deer. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  • Tasha Barefield

    Wow great news! I love audiobooks! I listen all the time when I’m driving anywhere and if I’m doing housework or if I’m ill I prefer an audiobook to reading as it’s comforting. I love the way a story can come to life by the narrators interpretation and different voices!

  • lbischoff53

    I love listening to your books. I generally listen to your at night in bed before I go to sleep. I also listen to audiobooks when knitting, quilting, or cleaning the house. Anytime my eyes are too tired to read, I listen to books. Thank you for all of yours, I have had hours of enjoyment from them.

  • integr67

    Congratulations!! I love listening to audiobooks. For me it’s like watching tv. I listen to an audiobook whenever I’m sitting down and doing things on the computer. I would love to win another of your audiobooks. I love reading your stories.

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Congratulations! I listen to audio books at times when I take my daily walk. So I would love one of your books if I won such. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Shelley Hoisington

    Congratulations . I am beginning to enjoy audiobooks. I can act like my children (teenagers) and pretend not to hear them when they talk to me. I love for a chance to win of your audiobooks.

  • Maureen C

    I listen to audio books on my commute to and from work. It’s a half hour each way. Listening to books makes the trip so much nicer! One of my favorites is The Library. I’ve listened to it many times!

  • Buturot

    Congratulations Joy. Audiobooks are so awesome, I can still enjoy to P & P variation stories while driving or waiting for my kids get off their activities.Thank you for this opportunity to win one of your great books. Thank you.

  • Anji

    Many congratulations on reaching this milestone, Joy. I think you know already that I love my audiobooks. They’re great for listening to on my commutes (listening to the radio, be it news or music, has lost nearly all of its interest for me in recent years), when I’m gardening or cooking. If I can’t get to sleep, I find Stephen Fry’s narration of the Harry Potter series often helps me drop off. I’ve got some of your books as audios and all of them, of course, as ebooks and/or paperbacks. The most recent one I’ve listened to was Mr. Darcy’s Mail Order Bride, which gave me a new insight into the migration to and developement of the Western USA and was so different to your Regency works. I really enjoyed the experience.

    • Rita Malone-Paul

      Thank you for enjoying this. It was written about in my home state of Oregon…and more importantly, in the town of Oregon City, where I drove up the hill, past the Mansion, to our house on the corner. It was where I lived with Gordon and Duke…so lovely…A 100 year-old house, where Duke chased squirrels. They are gone. But Joy is still here. I’m grateful…

  • caroleincanada

    Congratulations!!! In July, I signed up for audio and tried one and have several still to listen to…I have one or two of yours in the pile . Life was crazy through the summer, and I am just getting back into the swing of reading again. I appreciate all the time and expense that goes into finding the right voice to convey ones story as that makes a huge difference. I know you realize a ‘but’ is coming…, but I find having someone else tell me the story doesn’t immerse me in it quite the same way. But I wanted to wish you the best after reaching this amazing Milestone!

  • Rita Deodato

    Congratulations Joy! Audiobooks are the best company I could possibly have in my long commutes to work so I really appreciate all the hard work that writers and narrators have to put them out there.
    Wishing you many more sales in the future!

  • Rita Malone-Paul

    It is not unusual that people know your talent… I just wish they could know how wonderful a person you are. The greatest Romantic writer in the world. I never knew that about you. Through your sharing about yourself and John, you just make me proud. Thank you, so much…

    • Rita Malone-Paul

      Please do not include my name in your drawing. No one else will understand that, but I have been given the greatest gift, as You Are My Sister…and I am so thankful. Don’t want to think someone else is cheating…Go Milwaukee Brewers…Go New York Yankees…my boys Men!!!

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