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33 FREE copies of “Yes, Mr. Darcy”

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It’s the first day of summer and I feel like celebrating. So grab your Kindle and head to the beach, the park, or the mall to spend an hour or so reading a sweet Darcy and Elizabeth romance.

If you already have this book, you can refer these gift codes to a friend.

I’m not sure if these will work outside the US. I hope so.

BTW, one reader received an error message. Here is what she posted:

“When I attempted to claim it, I immediately got an error message, saying that it didn’t work. Just in case, I checked my Kindle account, and there it was! I wanted to let anyone else know in case they encounter this same situation.”

Here’s the codes. (They can only be used once. If you click on one and it’s been used

  1. Thank you for stopping by, but they have all been claimed.


A review on Amazon would be appreciated, by the way.


Launch Day! Guess who’s at #1

This hasn’t ever happened to me before, waking up to a #1 banner. I’m so EXCITED!!!

Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Abominable-Mr-Darcy-Prejudice-Variation-ebook/dp/B01G4H1RJU?ie=UTF8&qid=1464386787&ref_=la_B001KCIBMG_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1

Launch Ranking


Available for pre-order – “The Abominable Mr. Darcy”

After many trips back and forth between my incredibly talented editor, Christina Boyd, and myself, The Abominable Mr. Darcy, is ready to make its way into the publishing world and onto bookshelves and e-readers. The arrival date is June 2nd.

This particular story is very special to me for several reasons.

First, the cover. As much as I love having real men and women grace my covers, the amount of Regency models out there is pretty slim and those who are have been used and used and used. As a reader, I was tired of seeing them in various poses on the books I buy. At the recommendation of my designer, Jane Dixon-Smith, we rented period-correct costumes and tried a photo shoot of our own. Set in Jane’s home country of England, the photo series was spectacular and it was difficult to choose only one. Many thanks to her for her ingenuity and desire to go where few have gone before.

Secondly, this is my first time publishing a book that has had a professional editor for both copy and story edit. The result is a much tighter script. I’m so proud.

Thirdly, this is also my first time trying to corral my character’s point of view. Talk about HARD. However, it was such a wonderful learning experience working with Christina that my next story is from the deep 3rd person point of view (Darcy’s).

When you are able to read The Abominable Mr. Darcy, I hope you let me know if my efforts were worth the nail biting and hair pulling. I always appreciate your opinions.The Abominable Mr. Darcy Cover MEDIUM WEB

Here’s the blurb:

Mr. Darcy was an enigma… until he spoke. Then, he was the enemy.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s eyes are instantly drawn towards a handsome, mysterious guest who arrives at the Meryton Assembly with the Bingley party. The gentleman destroys her illusions by delivering an insult that turns him from Mr. Divinely Attractive to the Abominable Mr. Darcy.

While Elizabeth sets in motion her strategy for retaliation, Darcy plans to win the campaign being waged in the genteel drawing rooms of Hertfordshire. As more players from Jane Austen’s beloved cast of characters enter the fray, complications arise–some with irreversible consequences. Can a truce be called before their hearts become casualties as well? How many times can two people go from enemies to friends and back again before it’s too late?

A Regency romance from best-selling author, J. Dawn King, inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

BONUS: Read the first chapter of Elizabeth Ann West’s full-length novel, “To Capture Mr. Darcy”. It is now available.


Yes, Mr. Darcy is now available!

Yes Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen variation, Jane Austen fan fiction, Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, J. Dawn King, novella, historical fictionMy newest Darcy and Elizabeth book, a new story of old, familiar characters, arrived at Amazon.com on May 1st. Yes, Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella is already moving up the charts and is ranked # 594 and is #1,#1, #2 in Amazon’s sub-categories. Yippee!

Here is the blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet’s girlish dreams of love and romance are shattered. Her father has decided she will be the one to secure her family’s future through a marriage of convenience to his heir. Disappointment and sadness weigh her soul when she travels with her aunt and uncle—a consolation before she submits to duty. When she sees the reflection of her heartbreak in the face of an unknown young lady, Elizabeth reaches out to the girl, extending a hopeful outlook she herself has been denied.

Mr. Darcy regrets missing the opportunity to know the pretty stranger who helped his grieving, younger sister rise above her sadness. Hope keeps him seeking her face in every crowd. As time passes it seems the woman he admires might be an ephemeral dream born of his heart’s desire. Darcy finally finds her when he is forced to visit his friend, Mr. Bingley, but is she already taken? Can he restore hope to this woman he barely knows? Will she let him?

Based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this novella, Yes, Mr. Darcy, is a sweet historical romance from bestselling author, J. Dawn King.

Bonus: Read the first chapter of J. Dawn King’s upcoming full-length novel, The Abominable Mr. Darcy. It is scheduled for release June 2016.

Note: This story takes about an hour or so to read and is approximately 25,000 words. Enjoy an afternoon break or a late night read that you can finish in one sitting.

Something Old – Something New!

There are particular events in an author’s life when they are invited to do something really special. This happened to me in the autumn of 2015.

The two books shown above are tribute pieces. The gentlemen who told me their life stories are now gone. However, their youthful tales will live on in the “When Boys Were Men – Life In The Woods” series.

I learned two valuable lessons from listening to the stories of Si King in Book One of When Boys Were Men and Jack Chambers in Book Two.

First, it is worth making any effort to be an active listener to our loved ones, asking them questions to stir their memories from the dust. Then, write it down. Time passes so quickly and once they are gone — the memories are gone as well.

Both men never hesitated to share not only their successes and their failures. What I realized was how trusted I was to have them share such intimate details with me. Yet, it wasn’t solely for me. It was for them as well. Neither man was ready to die, yet they stared it in the face with quiet dignity. What they held in common was the desire to be remembered and the desire to be assured that their time on earth held value. They were hardworking, humble men who tried to finish out their lives in the best way they knew how – by sharing their lessons learned with those they loved.

So, if you have the opportunity or can make the opportunity to do this for your elderly or terminally-ill family members, please do so. You will have no regrets.



A special thanks to Sarah Johnson for the amazing covers. How does she do this?


Congratulations! One Love-Two Hearts – Three Stories!

JT Award

This is such exciting good new! “One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories” has been selected by MORE AGREEABLY ENGAGED as 2015 Favorite Anthology. Yippee! Read here for the terrific selection of other Jane Austen books that were listed as favorites.


My daughter, Jennifer Joy, has her debut novel on the list as well. Could a mother be any prouder? Nope!

The Interview Answers Are In – Yes!!!

Boy, oh boy. The questions were really a challenge. Please stop by to read my answers and comment for another entry to win the gorgeous Jane Austen bracelet. Here’s the link:

The J. Dawn King Interview is in!

Giveaway and Guest Appearance

Leslie L. Diamond’s “Ask the Author” has been one of my favorite blogs to follow for 2015. It’s coming to the end and I’m December’s victim. I’m so EXCITED!!!

Please follow the link to the blog for your opportunity to ask whatever you would like (except how much I weigh, of course) to be entered for a wonderful giveaway of a Jane Austen charm bracelet. I have one in a different color and LOVE it.

You have until December 11th to participate. The giveaway is open internationally.

Here’s the link: http://lldiamondwrites.com/2015/12/07/december-j-dawn-king/

Here is a photo of the giveaway prize.JA Charm Bracelet

History in the Making – The Spencer

In the interest of making my husband, John, more fashion forward, I have been shopping further afield than our local community for pieces that would build an expanded wardrobe for him. What I found provided something for the both of us.

As a Regency period historical fiction author, I have interests in the backgrounds of all things early 19th century. Finding a blog post that had snippets of delightfully presented information about the “spencer” was a treat. And, the sweater/jumper is GORGEOUS!!!

I’m attaching a link to the post and have done so with the permission of its author, Philipp Joha of The Bavarian Lion. http://thebavarianlion.tumblr.com/post/131953409258/gentlemen-though-this-blog-was-never-intended#notes

In The Swim!

Ad for Swim Team

This will be appearing as a 1/2 page advertisement for Miss Ellary Boyd’s swim team’s promotion to send them to a big event later in the school year. I love how my covers are complimented by autumn colors. But then again, what isn’t?


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