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Free! The Abominable Mr. Darcy

I hate to disappoint. It’s the eBook that is free, not Mr. Darcy himself. Though would you want him when he’s still abominable? Would you be able to motivate him to change like Miss Elizabeth Bennet did? I hope so. Poor man! He desperately needed some feminine guidance.

Due to being accepted for a BookBub deal (a huge thing in book advertising), this eBook will be free in ALL Amazon markets until the 24th so be sure and get your copy today. Some who have taken advantage of this sale were also able to obtain the audiobook via Audible.com for only $1.99. How is that for a bargain?

Here’s the US link: Amazon

Almost End-of-the-Year Update!

Can you believe 2016 is almost over? Wow! Did this year ever fly by. Some exciting things are popping up and I need to share.

First, a great big THANK YOU to my readers. Because of you I am a HOT NEW RELEASE along with some pretty excellent company. Well, OK. My latest book, Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride is the hot new release, but I’ll take what I can get.hnrSecondly, my book, Love Letters from Mr. Darcy was named one of the top 10 Regency JAFF on Obsessed With Mr. Darcy blog. Please click the link to see the rest of those chosen. I am in such wonderful company. Here’s the link:

Top 10 regency variations

Finally, while I’m having a delightful time visiting family in Ecuador, I’ve not forgotten the giveaway for those who have signed up for my newsletter. My generous sister, Rita, donated a lovely red journal where the lined pages are actually the miniature text of Pride and Prejudice. Truly! We are heading to the Amazon jungle tomorrow and I’m going shopping. I just bet some of what I purchase will also be given away on December 31st. The mailman loves me because I don’t mind paying postage to foreign locales. Please feel free to enter no matter where you live. If you receive mail, you qualify to win one of the prizes.

My family and I do not celebrate the holidays so I will wish you the best for the remainder of this year and the start of 2017.


Reasons for Thanksgiving!

Jane Austen must be the most generous person to have lived. Why? Because of her, my family has received so much over the past 2 1/2 years. Therefore, to pay it back or pay it forward, the prices of all my Pride and Prejudice variations have been lowered to $3.82 and will stay that way until December 31st. Happy shopping/reading!!!

J Dawn King at Amazon.

Cover Change for Love Letters to Mr. Darcy! Yay!!!

While I loved the original cover of Love Letters, not everyone saw my vision. So I went shopping at Richard Jenkins Photography in the UK and purchased the licensing for another image. I LOVE it! You want to see?love-letters-from-mr-darcy-cover-medium-web

It should be live by tonight for eBook and the weekend for print. Audio will take a few weeks. Lovely, isn’t she?

Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride is HERE!!!

I’m beyond excited to reveal my latest book, which is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The release date is next Thursday, November 24th. Even though that date is the national day of Thanksgiving, I’m truly grateful and thankful each day for the blessings I have.

Here’s the link should you want to check it out:Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride

Thank you so much for your reader support. It means the world to me.


Exciting End-of-Year Giveaway!

Dear Readers,

I have so much to be thankful for. Each new release seems to find more readers than the last time. Reviews have been good and the comments on fanfiction.net and beyondausten.com have been amazing to read.

I have a new story coming out this month called ‘Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride’. The setting is 1869 Oregon. Boy, was it a hoot to write.

As a thank you to you for your support, I’m having a drawing for six (6) amazing gifts. There are four 18″x18″ Mr. Darcy pillows, a teapot, and a sweatshirt (size XL). I’ll attempt to attach the photos below. Oh, I forgot to mention the purse. There’s a Pride and Prejudice purse I will be drawing for as well. I’ll trying to post a picture.peacock-pp

How to enter: Sign up for my newsletter on the link in the right hand column of this page.

I will draw for all of the prizes on December 31, 2016. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!!! Again, you only need to sign up for my newsletter to enter. The first issue of “J Dawn King: Reasons for Joy”will release the first week of January 2017. The content will take about five minutes to read from top to bottom.

All my best to you,



Love Letters from Mr. Darcy – eBook now Available

I’m so excited!

I just checked Amazon.com and the eBook of “Love Letters from Mr. Darcy is ready to order. The print copy is still in the review stages, but should be ready by the end of this week.

Click on the cover photo to take you to the Amazon page. Thanks for doing so.




Compromised! – Available on Audio


Now available at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/gqoyzkz

A sample clip will be uploaded here soon.




Cover Reveal! The Print Version

Isn’t it lovely? Sigh!!!


Newest Cover! “Love Letters from Mr. Darcy”

I’m so pleased to reveal the cover to the story I posted online as “The Letter”. It’s a novella length Darcy and Elizabeth tale where Mr. Darcy has the most romantic proposal I’ve ever written – swoon! I’m hoping for a late October release.

Here is the blurb:

How much power is in the written word? Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined to find out.

Crushed beyond measure at the rejection of his proposal, Darcy struggles to explain both the facts and his feelings by letter to the only woman he will ever love. Can such a reticent man find the words to enable Elizabeth Bennet to know the man behind the mask? Will she read his carefully crafted epistle once he delivers it into her hand? Will he catch even a small glimmer of hope?

Affection and respect. Two magical words Miss Elizabeth never expected to hear from the last man in the world she would ever marry, yet they undeniably appear before her eyes in black and white. Devotion and adoration. Humph!

Follow literature’s most beloved couple during the weeks following the disastrous proposal as a series of heartfelt missives has created such havoc in Elizabeth’s heart that she is finally moved to write him back. Will hers be a letter of love as well?

In this sweet novella-length variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we will see love bloom and grow. This is a Regency historical romance from bestselling author, J Dawn King.

And here is the cover:


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