Pre-Order is Live!

WOW!!! This is the quickest Amazon has ever been in getting my eBook online. As soon as I receive the cover for the print version from the designer then I will upload the paperback. At that point, ARC reviews are very welcome.

Something unexpectedly exciting is that Stevie Zimmerman is already recording the audiobook. In fact, she was narrating the chapters as I sent them to her. We will be reviewing the files and then presenting them to Audible for production.

All in all, I’m stunned at how things are flowing quickly to get “The Long Journey Home” to the market.

Note: I had to change the title since there were other JAFF books that used “The Journey Home” in part or in full in their titles. I did a search but wasn’t as thorough as I needed to be.

Here is the blurb:

Love is being in the wrong place at the right time!

Mistaken for someone else, Elizabeth and Darcy are kidnapped from a ballroom in Hertfordshire, England. Their only hope for freedom is to overcome their deeply set opinions of each other—to work as a team.

Against all odds, they each make extraordinary sacrifices to discover a love for the ages and find their way home.

The Long Journey Home is a perilous tale of adventure where Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Austen’s beloved heroes of Pride & Prejudice are forced to rely on each other for survival.

This full-length Regency novel is written by bestselling author, J Dawn King, who also writes as Christie Capps. The Long Journey Home is appropriate for all ages.

Here is the link: Amazon


  • Glynis

    I do love this idea. I especially like when Darcy and Elizabeth have to work together instead of constantly misunderstanding each other. I look forward to reading this as soon as I’m able to.

  • Lois Stacey

    Dear Ms King
    I have download your new book The Long Journey Home from arc and am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Unfortunately for some reason I can only get it on my iPad kindle app. Not on my actual kindle. Still I will keep trying. So far my only quibble is the cover. Mr Darcy looks like a chubby faced little lad dressed up in his dad’s formal gear Not the well muscled refined aristocratic Mr Darcy Miss Austen gave us. Off back to the beach where our intrepid couple are right now. At least Covid means I don’t need to feel guilty spending my afternoon reading Best wishes when it goes on line. Lois

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you for reading my story, Lois. Personally, I like this Darcy. Many pictures have in looking like he’s in his 30’s. He’s not even 28 in the original. I look forward to seeing what you think once you reach the end.

  • J. W. Garrett

    Congratulations, I look forward to reading this. I have it up next. I had to finish another first but it is next. Blessings on its success.

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