Release Day for River of Dreams!

I didn’t think this day would ever arrive. Finally, my latest book baby is out in the world. I learned much from this release that will serve me better for my next book. Primarily, I learned the value of clearly labeling my edited files. What I thought was my final file turned out not to be final. For all those who read my first two manuscripts, I thank you for your patience.

This story is very dear to my heart. It is painful to watch a strong man suffer from fears that paralyze him. To read the account of him overcoming his irrational fear touched me. I deeply appreciated Elizabeth’s kindness toward him when he revealed his feelings about the water. Despite their flaws, both were valiant and determined in their quest to help others. Don’t you love these qualities in the stories you read? I do.

River of Dreams is the type of story I most like to read. Adventure, overcoming odds, and a sweet love story that blooms slowly and steadily thrills me. I hope it does you as well.

Here is the link for this book: River of Dreams

I’ve already plotted my final book in the Dreaming of Darcy series and my goal is to have the first 1,000 words written today. I hope your day is productive and joyful.

Happy reading!


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