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My Newsletter Returns in 2022!

If you would love to cozy up to the fire with a great book, then we have much in common. Would you have a mug of coffee? A cup of tea? Hot chocolate? Does your cat like to “help” you turn the pages? Does your dog try to knock your book from your hands with his tail?

Whatever your accessories, having a new book is a wonderful beginning to something exciting, isn’t it?

The year 2022 will bring something new to J. Dawn King. I have four to six newsletters planned for the year. With each newsletter, you will receive a brand new, complete story for FREE which will be in eBook format. The first two stories are already written and the covers are lovely, I must say.

Get access to the first story, “The Smartest Man in the World,” when you sign up for the newsletter!

There will also be content to announce any new writing projects. With Christie Capps permanently retired, my focus is on LONG books rich in romance and adventure (my favorite sort of stories).


J. “Joy” Dawn King

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