Something New in Joy’s World

Over the past year I’ve discovered something about myself. I LOVE stickers. Here are my writing journal pages for yesterday and today.

I have had to become quite creative. For example, there is a Jane Austen tattoo set at Amazon that I used to decorate earlier pages in my journal. They were adorable. Here they are:

I also shop Etsy. It’s become a wonderful diversion.

Now, if you look closely at my journal pages you will notice “Special Project” listed. On Tuesday of next week, (February 22, 2022) I will be announcing something quite different for me on Meredith’s blog, Austenesque Reviews. This is something that will benefit readers and writers of Jane Austen fan fiction, I hope. I’m nervously eager, if that makes any sense.

In the meantime, I am traveling to Bangkok Thailand this coming weekend (virtually) for a writer’s retreat where I will spend the whole weekend connected on Facebook and YouTube with other authors doing writing sprints of various lengths. This retreat is sponsored by Sarra Cannon at Heart Breathings Writing Community (a Facebook group). Last month we were in England. I typed 12,090 words on my latest story that weekend. I’m planning on great progress this weekend too.

Until next Tuesday for my big announcement, happy reading and happy writing!

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  • Roxane Wolff

    A zoom writing conference! What a lovely idea! What an intriguing idea! I need a zoom conference for wannabe writers–I keep deleting everything I write!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Nicole Clarkston and I used to get up early each morning and do writing sprints for an hour before the rest of her household got up. I miss those days. Roxane, some authors spend their time at these virtual retreats rewriting, plotting, outlining, and editing instead of putting words on paper. The encouragement from others is terrific. It keeps us going forward. Keep at it and you will get there. My big sticker on my journal for two days ago was One Word, One Sentence, One Paragraph, One Page, One Chapter, One Book. I do this. I think and write in terms of one scene at a time. Please don’t give up, Roxane.

  • caroleincanada

    What a fun way to add a little ‘Jane’ to your journal! I am highly intrigued with this ‘Special Project’. Enjoy your ‘time in Thailand’!

  • J. W. Garrett

    Lovely journal. Myself, I am a Happy Planner and love journaling… and stickers. Those are so neat. A couple of years ago, Happy Planner had a cover featuring a stack of books and one was Pride and Prejudice. I thought that was so cool. I wish you all manner of success in your virtual writing retreat this weekend. Have fun. Blessings.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      I remember that Happy Planner. I missed out. My weakness is Hobonichi journals and Chic Sparrow leather covers. And stickers and more stickers. I love journaling too. Chic Sparrow has an Austen line. I have Darcy, Bennet, Bingley, Moreland, and Knightly. It’s my favorite of all their leathers.

  • Katherine G

    This is the most fun way to be organized I have ever seen! Looking forward to your announcement next week! Enjoy your virtual trip!

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