Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: John and I continue to go back and forth to doctors appointments for me and my Mom. John did some volunteer yard clean-up and ended up with poison oak from nose to toes. Poor man!

I’ve not been writing and was suffering from not getting anything done. Then, I woke last Saturday morning to a story idea that I couldn’t let go. Eight days and 20,000 words later my latest Christie Capps tale is born. It’s called “Elizabeth”. Would you like a peek at the blurb and the cover? Here it is:

He could have anything he wanted…except her.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself in the unusual position of chasing a woman rather than being chased.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet is exasperated as Mr. Darcy, the rudest man of her acquaintance, is being nice—to her! How can she continue to despise a man who apologizes so well?

Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and pride are equally matched by Miss Elizabeth’s prejudice. In this fast-paced novella set in Regency England, can they both overcome strongly entrenched personalities to discover peace and happiness? Of course, they can. This is Mr. Darcy and his Elizabeth, he hopes.

Elizabeth is appropriate for all readers. This story can be read in about an hour and is around 100 pages.

It goes to the formatters first thing in the morning. I hope to have it available in eBook this week. Print will take a few weeks longer and audio will be a while.

What about “Letter of the Law”? I start sprinting with Nicole Clarkston and an author from Germany, Marion Kummerow, first thing in the morning. I’m so excited. The muse is being kind—finally! So hold onto your hats, you should have a chapter soon.

As always, I thank you for your patience and willingness to understand life’s interferences.

Big HUGS to you all!!!


  • J "Joy" Dawn King

    Thank you, Becky. This was a fun book to write. I am excited to get started back on my J Dawn King title. I can’t wait to have it finished. I’m certainly hoping for healthy. We are trying.

  • Glynis

    I love that cover Joy. What a beautiful Elizabeth! I look forward to reading this and am so looking forward to your next chapter of LOTL.
    I hope you are all so much better and able to get on with life:)

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Ha Ha! That is exactly what I thought about her expression too, Patricia. Thank you for thinking of me. Truly, I’m excited to be back at it. I sprinted this morning and added 1,531 words in an hour. We will do it again tomorrow. Of course, this afternoon I’ll reread what I wrote to see how much I will keep. Sometimes my fingers fly so fast I’m nonsensical.

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Dear, dear Joy, So sorry to hear about the need for so many trips to the doctor(s)! And poor John! Is he living in a tub full of oatmeal bath or with Calamine spread all over his body? Cannot imagine how awful that is. Yes, your “Elizabeth” is beautiful. Can’t wait to read both your and Nicole’s latest writings. Thank you for updating us and good luck with your work. Prayers going upward.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you, Sheila. John saw the doctor AGAIN for his poison oak this morning. This is crazy.

      Nicole sent a chapter this morning (she has one chapter until the end) that made me laugh out loud. This is the funniest and best JAFF I’ve read in a long time. Wait until you read her blurb. Oh, my! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

  • caroleincanada

    Poison oak is horrible…my hubby had it but not as bad as yours! As for you and your mother, all the best and hopefully things improve as spring moves forward. Mind you we are waiting for spring to even arrive here! Rumour has it, this coming weekend it just may get here!

    I am so excited to hear that the ‘Muse’ has arrived with a vengeance! Let’s hope she sticks around! Congratulations on another Christie Capp book and I absolutely love the cover! Looking forward to your next chapter to ‘Letter of the Law’! I too am looking forward to Nicole’s book!

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Carole, you won’t be disappointed in either Nicole’s upcoming Pride and Prejudice variation or her North and South story. One will make you smile and the other break your heart before you sigh and swoon. She is gifted.

      I’m sorry your husband had it. This has been going on with John for a month already. He’s had two Urgent Care visits that helped some but did not fix the problem. He continues to break out despite avoiding it like the plague. We wash his clothing daily. Poor, poor fellow.

      I’m very ready for spring. The trees are budding and beautiful. Tulips are popping up and the daffodils are glorious. I hope it comes your way soon.

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