The Best Laid Plans…

I am pleased to tell you that I finished the first draft of Mistaken Identity and am within three chapters of finishing the rewrites. Then editing begins. As I mentioned before when I showed you my lovely cover where Elizabeth is wearing that gorgeous peach dress, this is a mystery. Well, that is where my plans went awry.

In typing what will be my longest story EVER, I realized that my cover that I wanted to use so badly would no longer work. Sigh! Someone is MURDERED!!! My designer went into action and I now have a cover that more accurately represents the story (my daughter and grandchildren agree – they helped me choose the final cover.) Without further ado, here is what was, and what is.

This needs a far more lighthearted tale, I am afraid. Double sigh!!!
My new cover. Isn’t it stunning?

Author Note: I will confess that after Mr. Collins showed up at Longbourn I was tempted to have him murdered to shut him up. Oh, dear. Perhaps I did. Or maybe I did not. Hmmm! Is there a character you would “off” if you had the chance?


  • Glynis

    Collins, Wickham, Caroline Bingley, Lady Catherine……. Take your pick! Any or all of them is fine with me!
    I love both covers but yes the second is more appropriate for a murder mystery! I do hope it isn’t very angsty? Good luck with it!

  • sheilalmajczan

    I think many of us would “off” Wickham but Caroline Bingley is a close second! Looking forward to reading this story. We are expecting snow flurries again tonight…third time this fall. Hope all is well with you on the west coast.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Stay safe and warm, Sheila. Great ideas. I’m surprised you didn’t suggest Lydia. Of course, true justice would have her go to reform school where she turned out a lady. That might be another book. We are cold and damp here. No snow and only one night of frost so far. Winter is knocking at the door.

  • sheilalmajczan

    Where did my comment go? …I am sure most of us would “off” Wickham but Caroline is a “close second” for me. Looking forward to reading this story.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      It showed up. I can’t help but think that Caroline would want her murder staged to get the most attention, sympathy, and response from Darcy. This means she would need to plot her own death so she is in the correct gown, her hair perfectly done, and the expression on her face serene. What a great idea for another story. She would want all clues pointing to Elizabeth, I suppose.

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you, Marie. I REALLY liked the first cover but it truly didn’t work no matter how hard I tried. As soon as I finish this one I’ll see if I can figure something out where it fits a story. Thank you for stopping by.

  • J. W. Garrett

    Oh-My-Goodness!! That is a big difference. There is nothing wrong with the first cover and perhaps you can use it later. However, the second really fits the theme of mystery, murder, and whatever mayhem you have planned. Ooh, that misty background is chilling. I nearly got goosebumps. LOL! Thanks for sharing this with us. I wish you much success with this new launch. Blessings…

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      It is HUGE, isn’t it? I actually have a small collection of covers that I’ve needed to set aside because they ended up not matching the story. I use them for inspiration so I have them done as soon as an idea sticks with me.

      I will share that the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth is sweet and runs through the whole story. I enjoy writing their path to love so much. Sigh and Swoon!

      Thank you, dear lady. All the best to you!

  • Sarah P

    You have definitely made the right call in changing the cover. The new cover has a much more foreboding vibe about it, very atmospheric, I especially like the red leaves which do make you think of blood – perfect for a murder.

    Can’t wait to read your latest offering when it’s published .

  • Lois Stacey

    Can’t wait to see a new story from you. Want to off a character Bingley would be my perfect patsy. What a wet blanket he is! Then Jane would be free to marry my lovely colonel Fitzwilliam. PS. Do you like my attempt at American English? Afraid I still can’t bring myself to write that teeth grindingly awful. GOTTEN oops I did it. Best wishes for the new book, it will be on my Kindle as soon as it is available. Lois

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      HaHa! We are ruining your perfect Brit English, Lois. It was an excellent attempt. Oh! Oh! Oh! Bingley? Well, I confess that he did not come to mind but I will definitely think about it for another tale. I, too, appreciate the match of Jane and the good colonel. I have done it before and promise I will do it again.

      Thank you!

  • caroleincanada

    Wow! I love a good mystery, as Jennifer knows, and the cover change looks rather ominous…almost like a dream/nightmare if one is walking down that path! Looking forward to seeing who you have ‘offed’! For me, I would have no issue with Lady Catwitch being done in by the rather loose canon named Collins! Congratulations!

  • Debbie Brown

    I have to admit, I’d like to get rid of Mr. Collins with a storyline showing that his death breaks the Longbourn entail. That might settle Mrs. Bennet’s nerves a bit and get her off Elizabeth’s back. (Or would it?)

    LOVE that you started writing the story one way and then a murder just sort of happened. Apparently it was not part of your original plan when you started writing, judging by the first cover. How does one “accidentally” kill someone in one’s own book? Your characters just took over and made that decision on their own? 🙂

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      What a brilliant idea, Debbie. You need to write that story line. I would love to read it too.

      Writing is a funny occupation. Jennifer outlines and plots before she starts yet she never knows ‘who dun it’ until the end. I have a beginning, an ending, and a basic idea when I sit down to write. Every single time the characters hi-jack the tale. I knew that at the beginning of my story, someone wanted Mr. Darcy dead. However, I certainly didn’t plan to have anyone killed. Yet, it made complete sense as I was writing. I hope that with the reread it still makes sense. Today I plan to type “The End” for the third time with this story. We shall see.

      To answer your last question, YES! YES! YES! The characters take over 100% of the time. I swear there is a disconnect between my brain and my keyboard where Mr. Darcy, in particular, enjoys disrupting EVERYTHING. Sigh! #writerproblems

  • Katherine Gate

    Caroline every time…….. I have enjoyed almost everyone written differently other than Caroline. She’s just annoying even when she’s nice!

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