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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

3 year anniversary

This is a joyous day for me. Three years! Never could I have imagined the difference publishing my first book would make for my family. I have ten books out and Jennifer has nine. Both of us have received so many blessings that it would take too much time to write and I need to get a chapter done of my work-in-progress.

Anniversaries call for a celebration and instead of presents for me, it’s a present opportunity for you. One newsletter subscriber will be chosen on Saturday, March 25th to win the 2017 United Kingdom Annual Coin Set from The Royal Mint. Why is this special? The 2-pound coin included in the set is a special edition marking the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. How fitting this falls on the anniversary date of my birth as a published author.

Here’s a link: 2017 Royal Mint Set

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who have supported my career by reading, reviewing, and caring.

(PS: The set arrived yesterday and I so badly want to tear off the plastic wrap to see inside. Grrrrr! I need to leave it alone, but my curiosity is killing me. I apologize in advance to the winner if I can’t cultivate some self-control before it goes back into the mail. BTW, this is open internationally.)

JA Coin


  • Rita Malone

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, Dear Joy!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I am amazed and impressed by your gift of storytelling, and I will always be happy to enjoy what you write. I love you…so much!!!

  • tgruy

    Congratulations on your anniversary Joy! I love your stories, they are always original and entertaining.
    I would love to get lucky and win those! I wouldn’t mind in the least if they were open! 🙂

  • Anji

    Firstly, many congratulations on your three year anniversary, Joy! It hardly seems like three months, let alone three years. Your book was published only a couple of months after I first discovered the online Austen/JAFF community, so I’ve been following your career with more than the usual amount of interest. I’ve just started listening to The Abominable Mr. Darcy on my commutes and loving every minute of it. I particularly love the names you had Elizabeth think up for Darcy, complimentary or otherwise (Mr. Sublimely Appealing, Mr. Practically Perfect, Mr. Exceedingly Frustrating etc).

    Secondly, what a generous giveaway prize! I’ve looked at that set on the Royal Mail website and went “Ouch!” at the price. Maybe if I drop some hints to hubby and son for my birthday in May?

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you, Anji. What would I do without you? Doesn’t Stevie do a wonderful job with the narration? She’s amazing!

      I’m trying to justify getting another set for me. The uncirculated coins are so shiny (not that I’ve looked at these in person) and I like shiny things. Sigh! I will restrain myself. Best wishes for the drawing, Anji. You are, of course, entered.

      • Anji

        Stevie is one of my favourite narrators. She did Northern Rain (a North and South variation) by Nicole Clarkston and her voice for John Thornton was just wonderful. She manages to do deeper voices for the male characters without sounding weird, which can be a pitfall for some female narrators.

        I know what you mean about shiny things! And thanks for putting my name in the hat!

  • tammy

    I have all of your JAFF books and this is my favorite (although Mail Order Bride is a close tie and I normally do not care for mail order bride stories). Keep up the good work. I love JAFF stories that have unique plots and are not just a rehash of P&P. Looking forward to reading the rest of the two you are currently working on.

  • Amy Kantor Dunne

    Congrats on your three year anniversary. Here’s to many more years and many more stories. always amazing to read.

  • integr67

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to you Joy! I love reading both your stories and your daughter Jennifer as wetll. The both of you are both talented story tellers. I would love to be the lucky subscriber that gets that beautiful coin set. I don’t blame you from wanting to open the package u] to look at the set. Keep writing and I can’t wait for your next chapter of your latest story. I follow you on fb, though your newsletter and on both forums and beyond austen. I also read your stories on darcy &, but you don’t post on that forum anymore.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  • Sheila L. Majczan

    Joy, your first value for me is as a friend…then as a gifted author. You are the epitome of generosity in my opinion. I so enjoyed meeting you through Meredith’s Austenesque blog and the shared love of North and South. Then to have your treasury of books on my kindle and/or in my hands is just a further blessing. Best of wished for continued imagination and creativity and good health in the future. AND congratulations on this three year mark.

  • Janet Taylor

    Happy Anniversary to you, Joy! I’m so proud for you and of you. I remember you first being on my blog as a reader. You left great comments and I always looked forward to what you had to say. Then you had your own book! I was thrilled to host you on my blog as a published author! That was an awesome day. You had a generous giveaway but then you secretly made it even better. It was the first time in my blogging history (and it still holds that record as the ‘only’ time) that the giveaway was changed to include every single person that left a comment. Not only that, I remember that you encouraged everyone that wanted it, to get a paperback which would be signed. This was international, too, for all of you that were part of the giveaway three years ago. It was a huge success and all the readers were ecstatic and that’s putting it mildly! Good memories, my friend!

    It has been my pleasure to get to know you and share in many of your releases of other books. You are a one-of-a-kind person who has the best attitude! You always sparkle and I admire you for it.

    Then came Jennifer Joy with her first book! That was another awesome event. You ladies amaze me with your talent and your productivity. Congratulations!

    What a great giveaway, Joy! This is perfect with the Jane Austen coin marking the 200th anniversary of her death. That is a lovely set of coins. Just beautiful!

    Thank you, sweet lady, for sharing your love of Jane Austen with all of us fortunate readers.

  • Angie

    You are so generous! I will be quick and say, “congratulations”, because we wouldn’t want you to get side tracked from writing! Let not I stop you from making progress. 🙂

  • Carole in Canada

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I will have to re-read ‘A Father’s Sin’ in the near future! I have been a fan ever since you ‘gifted’ me your book and your wonderful storytelling! I think we all have been very lucky to have you and Jennifer as our favourite authors!

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit yet again. I’m hoping when my cousin comes over in September from N. Ireland, that she will be bringing me the new ten-pound note with Jane on it!!!! I think the Queen will be taking 2nd place to Jane on this coin set!

    May the ‘Muse’ be with you!

  • Millie

    Wow. Time flys eh? 10 books. What a busy bee you have been…. So what about California? Where do you go and for what? Me

    Sent from my iPad


  • Amanda Frank

    Congratulations on the Anniversary Joy! Wishing you at least another 3 years of wonderful books to publish for me to read 🙂
    I’ve got to say you are always so generous any giveaway. I didn’t even know about this coin set being in the US.

  • Fawn George

    So excited for you Joy. 3 years is Fantastic. 10 book wow. I would love to win the set. But what would I do with it. I used to Collect money. I have some Australian money. This would go well with my collection. But you know why I don’t need it. HaHa, Put it up to God. LOVE YA Fawn

  • Annerlei

    Hi, I love a father son but it states that it is book 1 of a series and hints at what book 2 and 3 will cover.but I have been unable to find these books on Amazon. did they get released?

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Thank you so much for asking. I’ve written the second story twice and haven’t liked either one so have not published. However, I am determined to get it done. Bingley and Jane are very difficult for me as I keep making them too much like Darcy and Lizzy. I appreciate your patience.

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