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History in the Making – The Spencer

In the interest of making my husband, John, more fashion forward, I have been shopping further afield than our local community for pieces that would build an expanded wardrobe for him. What I found provided something for the both of us.

As a Regency period historical fiction author, I have interests in the backgrounds of all things early 19th century. Finding a blog post that had snippets of delightfully presented information about the “spencer” was a treat. And, the sweater/jumper is GORGEOUS!!!

I’m attaching a link to the post and have done so with the permission of its author, Philipp Joha of The Bavarian Lion.


  • Anji

    What a fascinating article, Joy. I’ve often wondered why a Spencer was so called and now I know! This modern version has several sources of interest for me. The gentleman designer is from Yorkshire, where I’ve lived for most of my life. The garment is made in Leicester, where I was born and grew up. A certain DJG wears one. Wonder if I could get hubby to wear one?

    • J "Joy" Dawn King

      Anji, you will be pleased to know that the owner of the company, Ross Barr-Hoyland, seems a good man. His replies to my questions about the spencer have been extremely considerate. Plus, his Mom’s first name is Joy.

      I was going to order John the blue one last week, but just got the sizing from Ross this morning. So, hubby should have it by month end. Best wishes for getting your spouse into one as well for all the reasons you listed above.

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