Winners Announced!

For all of the hours it took to write down the names of all who tweeted/re-tweeted/favorite-d on Twitter, shared/liked/commented on Facebook and Google+ and commented/liked on this website, it was shockingly quick to draw the names of the winners. (I stopped counting at 400) I had listed all of the prizes and just filled in the names as they were drawn.

I do need to tell you that I combined four of the drawings into two sets as it would have been strange to have them separated. Therefore, I added a few extra prizes from the Jane Austen Gift Shop in Bath to make up for my last-minute decision. So, without further ado, here are the winners and their prizes.

“Obstinate, Headstrong Girl” pocketbook: Monica Perry

Jane Austen figure – pink: MaryAnn Nagy

Jane Austen figure – green: PdxIrishGirl

Cosmetic bag – green: Kelli Weekly

Mr. Darcy tote bag: Ruzaika Deen

Playing cards: tgruy

Bandages/Plasters: Lynn Bischoff

Tattoos: Gail Brosnan

Bookmark – Lizzy: Bianca Hernandez

Bookmark – Darcy: Jane Austen Tours

Bookmark – Lizzy walking: Ana Darcy

Drawing – heroines: Anji Dale

Drawing – heroes: Pamela Lynne

Drawings – Darcy & Lizzy: Zoe Burton

Drawings – D&L w/words: Christina Boyd

Drawing – D&L walking: Ralph Christopher Pepe

Drawing – Lizzy & Georgiana: Meredith Esparza

Jane Austen mug: Victoria Kincaid

“Pemberley” teacup & saucer: Fawn George

“Pemberley” teacup & saucer: Loren Dushku

If you have won a prize, please send me your mailing address by PM on Facebook or Twitter or via email at

Congratulations to those who won prizes and my heartiest thank you to all who entered. LEGAL JARGON for the winners: If I do not hear from you by Tuesday, August 4th, another name will be selected from my bowl (which I will keep just in case). At that point, you will have forfeited all claims to the prize.


  • Sheila L. M.

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners. And kudos to Joy for her wonderful spirit of giving. Enjoy your prizes.

  • kelli weekly

    Thank you very much for having this wonderful drawing. I am so very excited to have been picked that I am doing my version of a Happy Dance!!! (Hopefully not in view of anyone else!) I am pleasantly surprised to be a winner, and sincerely grateful too!!! Kelli

  • kelli weekly

    P.S. I tried to leave a dignified comment by saying that I was “pleasantly surprised”. I REALLY mean that I could barely type this message because I am soooooooo excited to have won!!!

  • J "Joy" Dawn King

    I have heard from all the winners except four. Messages have been left for them and I expect to get a return message this weekend. How satisfying this is to me.

    Prizes will be going out to the most distant parts of the earth — Sri Lanka, Mexico, England, Italy, Canada, and all over the US. This makes me so happy. Thank you again for entering.

    I know that at least one of the four remaining prize winners lives outside the US. Just doing my part to support the US Postal Service. (Chuckle!)

  • Loren

    Congratulations! Thank you very much Joy, you have add so many prizes! You’re really generous! I have sent you my address, please let me know if you received it (I have installed Windows 10 and I’m not sure I have done it well XD)

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