Congratulations! One Love-Two Hearts – Three Stories!

JT Award

This is such exciting good new! “One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories” has been selected by MORE AGREEABLY ENGAGED as 2015 Favorite Anthology. Yippee! Read here for the terrific selection of other Jane Austen books that were listed as favorites.

My daughter, Jennifer Joy, has her debut novel on the list as well. Could a mother be any prouder? Nope!


  1. Christina Boyd

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  2. mrspaul1

    I am so happy for you, Joy!!! I have been listening to the audio book of this anthology during my drive up 101, to work. “Ramsgate” finishes, and I start “The Library” again. I absolutely love this book!!! I admire their good taste in selecting the King ladies!!! I am so very proud of you, Joy!!! I Love You…and JJ, too!!!

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