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Free! The Abominable Mr. Darcy

I hate to disappoint. It’s the eBook that is free, not Mr. Darcy himself. Though would you want him when he’s still abominable? Would you be able to motivate him to change like Miss Elizabeth Bennet did? I hope so. Poor man! He desperately needed some feminine guidance.

Due to being accepted for a BookBub deal (a huge thing in book advertising), this eBook will be free in ALL Amazon markets until the 24th so be sure and get your copy today. Some who have taken advantage of this sale were also able to obtain the audiobook via for only $1.99. How is that for a bargain?

Here’s the US link: Amazon


  • Carole in Canada

    Congratulations on your deal! I have The Abominable Mr. Darcy on my Kindle but thank you for letting us know! Oh and your pillow arrived just last week and I love it! Thank you again!

  • Anji

    Congrats from me too, Joy!

    Although I have my precious paperback copy, I’ve just been and got my free Kindle copy, too. don’t have it on as cheaply as but it’s still an awful lot cheaper than spending one of my credits and I can now listen to more of your writing on my commutes. And if I want to read it in my lunch break, I now don’t have to worry about my paperback getting damaged in transit.

  • Rita Malone

    To all Intelligent Life Forces in this Universe…I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to not only read about Mr. Darcy’s latest shenanigans with Ms Lizzy B, but to listen as one drives those long highways. It makes the journey so much nicer when accompanied by Mrs. King’s delightful prose. What are you waiting for???

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