Launch Day! Guess who’s at #1

This hasn’t ever happened to me before, waking up to a #1 banner. I’m so EXCITED!!!

Here’s the link:


  1. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Good for you Joy! Best Wishes with all of your publications! Jen Red

  2. deborahanne2

    Great! Yeah!

  3. Christina Boyd

    Congratulations!! This is very exciting!!

  4. Sheila Majczan

    Congratulations. Even though I have Kindle Unlimited I purchased the kindle copy so I permanently have a copy to read whenever I want.

  5. Acozy1

    That has to be so encouraging. I woke to an Amazon alert that several authors that I follow had new books. That often happens and I do not get excited or plan time to read until I see if any are Kindle Unlimited books. Today one was and it is yours!. I have downloaded it to read this weekend. Thanks so much for using KU. For those of us who subscribe it is great to have that monthly cost include great books like yours!

  6. Rita Malone

    I took all of both yours and JJ’s printed books to Reedsport for one of my elderly patient’s, and her readers group to enjoy. They asked about ordering a set for the Public Library, and I will help them get that done. I was proud to tell these 80+ year old women that they are clean books. However, one of them wants a “mystery set in Ecuador”!!! Sounds like a request for JJ…I’m so happy for you, Joy!!! Well done!!!

  7. mrspaul1

    Congratulations, Joy!!! I’m so proud of you!!! Love you… Rita

  8. tgruy

    Wow! My congratulations too!! I need to work more to keep up with all your books!

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