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Sisterly Love! @ More Agreeably Engaged

Happy July 5th already.

I am visiting the lovely Janet Taylor at her blog: More Agreeably Engaged with a post about family relationships in Jane Austen’s writings. Do you have sisters? Were you the bossy older sister or the indulged youngest? I was the middle girl who had to wait until I moved out to get my own bedroom. Privacy at last! However, I did miss the pleasant companionship of my sisters. Who knew?

I’ve included a nice little giveaway for those who answer the question at the bottom of Janet’s post. I’d love to hear your replies.

All the best to you!


  • Sheila L. Majczan

    My sister and I shared a bed…good in the cold of winters as we had no heat in our house other than one fireplace and an electric heater in the bathroom until I was in the 4th grade. But there were also times when we argued. Now we are the best of friends. Sisters are the only ones who know everything you went through growing up.

  • Marie jones

    As your mother and also the mother of your sisters, I love listening to you reminiscing.what little stinkers you really were

  • evamedmonds

    I always wanted a sister and envied those who had one. Fortunately, my college roommate (we have been like sisters for 51 years) has 2 sisters like Elizabeth Bennet had sisters and I was more like Georgiana; however, we bonded like the two of them and I am so thankful for having this thoughful, non judgmental sister.

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