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    Thank you @eBookDaily

    Oh my goodness! I was contacted by eBookDaily early this morning that they were featuring my Wild West variation of Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride on their page today. I was so excited to post this amazing privilege.…

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    I’m Positively Stunned!

    Rita from one of my favorite blogs, “From Pemberley to Milton” posted her favorite reads from 2023. My book, Field of Dreams, was at the top of her list. WOW!!! I’m gobsmacked! For those of you who followed my progress…

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    Almost 2024! WOW!!!

    Where did the time go? It seemed that January 1, 2023 was only yesterday. However, there is less than a week before the calendar forever turns to another year. I hope that 2023 has been good to you. I decided…

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    Pre-Order Available!

    River of Dreams, the second book in the Dreaming of Darcy series finally passed my editor’s strict requirements. It is available for pre-order and will launch on April 10, 2023. My first draft was a completely different story. Once I…

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    Something New!

    Ten days ago I posted my novel entitled Compromised! on YouTube as an audiobook. The response was amazing! Four days ago I added Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride. The results take my breath away. Therefore, I am currently having more of…

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    Story Shots!

    Research is amazing! While writing a short story, I needed to know the difference between a shot, a jigger, and a shooter. After reading too much about the subject, I ended up cutting the scene. However, the information stayed with…

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